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49ers in Five: Trent Williams says Nick Bosa is the best edge rusher in the league

“If you were to go into a lab and create a pass rusher, Nick Bosa would walk out.”

Everything you need to know in five minutes

A week ago Thursday, George Kittle made it a point to advocate for Trent Williams getting more Pro Bowl votes. At Williams’ media session on Tuesday, he paid it forward and heaped praise on Nick Bosa.

“When you look at the NFL right now, who would you take over Nick Bosa? To me, I feel like he’s probably playing some of the best football in the NFL right now from the edge position. I feel sorry for the offensive tackles, I really do, because I’ve had full speed reps against him. We go one-on-ones and that’s full speed, we’re not taking it easy on each other.

He has the full array of everything you need. If you were to go into a lab and create a pass rusher, Nick Bosa would walk out. I think that’s what makes him so hard to deal with. You talk about speed, you talk about quickness, you talk about power, and then you add on the technique and the skill. You put all of that into one person, into a body that’s able to do physically anything, you get a player like Nick Bosa.

It sucks for the other team. I’m glad I ain’t got to deal with it. Even chips - it don’t really matter. He doesn’t stop. His motor is unbelievable. He is the best in the game at this point. I know people will probably say that I’m bragging on him, or I got a biased opinion. A few months ago when I said he looked better and stronger than he did before the injury, everybody kind of looked at me like I was crazy and I think it’s kinda starting to unfold right before our eyes.”

Hall of famers will tell you that the greatest teams they ever played for were the ones that played for each other. As we’ve seen with Kittle’s comments, and now Trent Williams’, the players in this locker room clearly love and respect each other a great deal.

That’s not all it takes to win a Super Bowl, of course, but you also can’t win a Super Bowl without it. The fact that the team has remained as united as it has this season despite the adversity they’ve faced is a testament to the culture that Kyle Shanahan has created and the accountability the veteran players have fostered.

You can hear from Trent, as well as Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan, in today’s 49ers in Five podcast, which you can download everywhere.