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49ers in Five: Matt Maiocco says Trey Lance has been developing nicely behind the scenes

Someone “very high up on the 49ers food chain”says his last three weeks have been very good.

Everything you need to know in five minutes

They say then when it rains, it pours, and the same can be said for what’s happening in San Francisco over the last six weeks or so. Over that time, both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball have stepped up their game to a level few in the league can match. Now, we get this bit of news from Matt Maiocco on the 49ers Talk podcast.

“We haven’t talked about Trey Lance a whole lot, but I hear he is doing really well. I was speaking to someone very high up on the 49ers food chain, who was telling me that his last three weeks have been very good.

I don’t know if you remember but in the preseason, it was against the Raiders, remember when he hit his finger on the helmet of a Raiders player and kind of banged up his finger? Well, apparently that was kind of causing some issues with accuracy and everything earlier in the season. Even through that game where he played against the Cardinals, stared that game.

Apparently his finger, now, is like completely healthy and he is slinging it around. He’s accurate, he’s on point with his studying habits and everything else. The 49ers feel very good about Jimmy Garoppolo as the starter right now, and it sure sounds like they very good about Trey Lance as his backup and the future starter of the team.”

Obviously, that’s encouraging. But, what’s more, encouraging is that it coincides with something that Fred Warner said after the game against the Falcons. Fred was asked whether the season was awkward given the quarterback situation and complimented Trey during his answer.

“It hasn’t been awkward at all for us on our side. I mean, it’s probably just been awkward outside the building with guys talking about it. But inside [Jimmy Garoppolo’s] been the guy all along and Trey [Lance], he’s got a bright future ahead, right? We see it every day in practice on our side because he’s out there dicing us up.”

Obviously, the main focus is on Jimmy Garoppolo and tonight’s game against the Titans. It’s always nice to hear, though, that the guy the franchise invested a king’s ransom in acquiring has been doing well in practice. Given Garoppolo’s injury history and the fact that COVID is rampaging through the country again, it’s reassuring to hear that the backup quarterback is coming along nicely.

You can hear more from Maiocco and some of John Lynch’s KNBR appearances in today’s 49ers in Five podcast. Download it wherever you get your podcasts.