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Trent Williams has a tell, but it doesn’t matter

Alex Rollins has a video breaking down one of the best players in the NFL

Alex Rollins is back to breakdown one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL this year: 49ers left tackle Trent Williams.

It’s challenging to quantify offensive line play as we only can chart penalties allowed, blown blocks, sacks, and quarterback hits. Those plays are only about 15-20% of what actually happens in a game. The stat sheet has been kind to Williams either way. He hasn’t allowed a sack, only has two penalties, and has a blown block rate of 1.1%, which is absurd. Any blown block rate under 2% means you are elite for reference.

Check out Alex’s breakdown below.

This week’s film breakdown analyzes the San Francisco 49ers left tackle Trent Williams. Williams has developed a tell which tips off run and pass, but that doesn’t seem to matter when he goes up against star pass rushers. Defenses haven’t figured him out. Defensive coordinators haven’t figured him out. He is simply the best in the game. Williams is just as good against the run as he is against the pass. Is there an argument that he’s the best player in the entire league?