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Golden Nuggets: Fins Up on MNF

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, December 27, 2021

Playoff Picture: Where the 49ers stand with two regular-season games remaining

“Below is a breakdown of the current playoff picture in the NFC, with the first four teams listed being the current division leaders.”

Rams win over Vikings helps 49ers in playoff race

“With Los Angeles knocking off the Vikings, Minnesota fell to 7-8 for the season. They’re now sitting at the No. 9 seed going into the late games Sunday. One more win for the San Francisco and one more loss for the Vikings pushes the latter out of range to threaten the 49ers’ playoff spot.”

Any given Sunday: Texans show why 49ers can’t chalk up Week 17 win early

“Houston was 3-11 entering their Week 16 matchup against a Chargers club vying for a playoff spot. Los Angeles was favored by 13 points on the road, and the Texans proceeded to stick it to the Chargers with a 41-29 victory that included 24 fourth-quarter points from a short-handed Texans squad.”