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49ers in Five: Kyle Shanahan says Trey Lance has had his best month of practice

Well, isn’t that convenient

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

Now that Jimmy Garoppolo is dealing with a thumb injury that could keep him out of Sunday’s game, the attention turns to Trey Lance, who the team has deliberately kept out of the spotlight since his start against the Cardinals two months ago. When Kyle Shanahan was asked about Lance on Monday, he was mostly complimentary.

“I think this last month of Trey has been his best consecutive four weeks of practice since we’ve had him. He’s had a number of good days, and he’s had some bad days like most guys do, but as far as his consistency, I feel this last month has been his best.”

Our own Kyle Posey asked Shanahan what specifically Trey has improved on over this past month that led him to make that statement.

“Throwing the ball better, making the right decisions better. I think he’s gotten healthier too. Just coming out of the preseason, coming out of his first game, I think his body has been doing better, so all of the above.”

Kyle comments about Lance’s improvement jive with what Matt Maiocco mentioned recently on his podcast. Supposedly, Trey has looked better in practice, specifically when throwing the football.

Shanahan didn’t want to say one way or the other whether Garoppolo will be able to play on Sunday, but that seems to be a tall order considering he’s reportedly dealing with a torn ligament and a fracture. So here’s a good point from someone you might know.

We don’t know if Garoppolo’s injury is similar to Brees’ injury, but we very well could be looking at the Trey Lance show from here on out in 2021.

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