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Injury updates: Garoppolo has a Grade 3 sprain; didn’t practice today

Trey Sermon is “good to go,” while Elijah Mitchell is limited

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Kyle’s update 2:05 p.m.: Jimmy Garoppolo did not practice after all on Wednesday:

The 49ers signed three players to the practice squad: QB Tyler Bray, P Colby Wadman, and LB Mark Nzeocha. Bray is an indication that Garoppolo is out for Sunday.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan met with the media Wednesday on Zoom for the first time in a year. The NFL mandated that moving forward; this is how media availability will go with the surge in COVID-19 cases.

Shanahan said Jimmy Garoppolo wouldn’t need surgery on his thumb. Garoppolo has what Shanahan described as a Grade 3 sprain. Jimmy was headed out to the practice field with trainers to see if he could practice Wednesday. Jimmy will be limited with an outside chance to play Sunday if he can.

Shanahan said Garoppolo has a small bone fragment in his thumb that was pulled off. He added that wasn’t the reason that Jimmy’s been sidelined. It’s the Grade 3 sprain that’s keeping Jimmy out:

“On the third-degree sprain he had on his UCL, when that is ripped up, it pulled off a little fleck of his bone. And when there is a bone that has something off of it, you can call it a fracture, you can call it a chip, you can call it something.

But that really isn’t what’s keeping him out: It’s the third-degree sprain that he has. But because it’s not moving and stuff, and he doesn’t need surgery, and he has a chance to play this week.”

Shanahan also added how Jimmy’s thumb is feeling “better today than it was a few days ago,” which is why he has a chance to play Sunday, and perhaps, an even better chance to play next Sunday against the Rams.

Garoppolo said he feels confident he’ll play Sunday. Jimmy meeting with the media could mean he’s the starter. Generally speaking, the starting quarterback speaks on Wednesday before the game.

More from Jimmy: “Christmas made it feel a little better. It’s a torn ligament, though, so is what it is. The pain not going anywhere, and it’s about being confident and doing what I normally do. We’ll see what it gets us, but I do feel confident about it now.”

Garoppolo said today would be the first time since the Titans game that he’s tested the injury and thrown a pass.

The 49ers clinching a playoff spot in Week 17 would do wonders for the team. You don’t have to worry about rushing Garoppolo back if he’s not 100%. With a win and a Saints loss, San Francisco is in. Another way for the Niners to clinch is to tie + a Vikings loss or tie + a Saints loss + a Falcons loss or tie.

Elijah Mitchell will be limited in practice Wednesday. Trey Sermon is “good to go,” according to Shanahan. Sermon could have played last Thursday, but the 49ers made a roster decision not to suit Sermon up based on special teams.

Azeez Al-Shaair and Dre Greenlaw won’t practice today, while D.J. Jones will be limited with an ankle injury.

Special teams coordinator Richard Hightower said the team signed punter Colby Wadman from UC Davis. Wadman is the emergency punter in case Mitch Wishnowsky hasn’t cleared protocols.