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How confident are you in the 49ers making the playoffs?

Even after a loss, it’s tough to imagine San Francisco missing the playoffs

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Did the 49ers' loss to the Seahawks teach us anything we didn’t already know? Penalties, turnovers, errors on special teams, and poor cornerback play have plagued this team all season.

Against Seattle, each of those issues surfaced. Yet, the Niners still were within five yards of tying the game with under a minute to play. So, depending on your point of view, San Francisco showed enough grit to put themselves in a position to win. But, of course, they would have loved a different outcome.

My thoughts about this team haven’t changed. The defensive line is good enough to win them games. The skill players on offense can take over and mask deficiencies elsewhere. Going off the top of my head, I still don’t think the 49ers have played a complete game to date.

This brings us to the title’s question, are you still confident the 49ers make the playoffs? At 6-6, the Bengals, Falcons, Titans, Texans, and Rams remain on the schedule. Objectively, San Francisco is better than Atlanta and Houston. Both of those games are at home — not that there’s a home-field advantage for this team — so you’d think they’ll take care of business.

If we assume both of those are wins, that brings the record to 8-6. The Bengals and Titans games were always going to be toss-ups. Since Week 6, the Titans have been a middle-of-the-pack defense. They stop the run, but you can throw all over them. Offensively, no team misses a player more than Tennesee does Derrick Henry. Their identity isn’t the same, and neither is their effectiveness.

San Francisco plays more physically than both the Bengals and Titans. There’s no way to project how the 49ers will find a way to make these games close — whether it’s surrendering a special teams touchdown or giving up a 60-yard bomb. Still, the Niners should have the leg-up against both teams even on the road.

Let’s say they split those games, and now we’re at 9-7. No matter what happens against the Rams, nine wins should be enough to get in. Depending on what Los Angeles has to play for, they could sit their starters for a half or the whole game.

For all we know, the rest of the NFC could continue to play terribly and aid the 49ers playoff run. I have a difficult time looking at the playoff picture and projecting the 49ers on the outside looking in.

How confident are you in the 49ers making the playoffs?


How confident are you in the 49ers making the playoffs?

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    They’re a lock to make it
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  • 50%
    Somewhat confident, but unsure
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  • 35%
    I’ll believe it when I see it
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