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Would the 49ers take a QB if they didn’t have to trade up to get one?

Niner Nate and Leo Luna run through a dream mock draft scenario

Butler v North Dakota State Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

Among the many questions that people have pondered since the draft order became official is whether the 49ers would trade up to secure the coveted “Franchise Quarterback.” There have been good arguments on both sides of that issue, but there’s something else worth wondering: what if the 49ers didn’t have to trade up to get a quarterback in April?

On today’s Niner Nate-tion Podcast, Nate Nelson and Leo Luna took the plunge and made the first 12 picks of a so-called dream mock draft for the 49ers. This wasn’t a fantasyland mock where every team ahead of the 49ers goes insane and passes on Trevor Lawrence, just one of a million possible scenarios that leave a quarterback available after the first 11 picks.

If that were the case, what would Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch do? Almost any member of the front office that has spoken on the record about the draft has mentioned how important restocking the team with young, cheap talent is to the future of the franchise. That would seem to rule out trading up for someone they liked, but if he fell to you? Do Kyle and John take the plunge and make the pick, or do they look to take advantage of a QB-needy team trying to make a big splash of their own? Further still, what if they stay where they are and simply pass on a quarterback?

That would probably be the end of 49ers Twitter, not that Lynch or Shanahan much care about things like that.

So much about the team’s true intentions remains unknown, and, truth be told, we’ll probably never really know for sure what their ideal scenario actually would be. Still, I think it’s fun to think about, and that what today’s show did for me.

You can hear the whole conversation in today’s episode, the player below, or iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Other topics in today’s show

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