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Golden Nuggets: Which veterans can 49ers target to backup Garoppolo?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Friday, February, 26, 2021

Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

It was Russell Wilson day on Thursday. So much so that Deshaun Watson’s meeting with the Texans last week was swept under the rug. You’ll read about that, potential backups for Jimmy, teams who could sign Verrett, some of Lynch’s worst picks during his tenure, and a Patriots writer wanting Garoppolo’s services.

Eight QBs 49ers could target in NFL free agency to back up Jimmy Garoppolo

How about a New England reunion? Brissett and Garoppolo spent time together in 2016 with the Patriots.

Brissett made more than $30 million over the past four seasons with the Colts. That price tag will fall dramatically this offseason. He likely will look for a new home with Carson Wentz coming to the Colts.

He started 30 games during his time in Indy. Brissett threw 31 touchdowns with 13 interceptions. Two areas of concern would be his low completion percentage (59.6) and his low average yards per attempt (6.6).

But, hey, there’s a reason he should not cost all that much as a free agent this offseason.

Three Teams That can Sign Jason Verrett Away From the 49ers

Washington Football Team

Washington was a defensive juggernaut in 2022. What better way to sustain that status than to bring in a high-level talent like Verrett. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is surely going to give his approval and possibly advocate for Washington to get Verrett. He will just make their defense that much more stout, and considering the enormous question mark at quarterback, they need to be elite on defense.

Washington has ample salary cap space ($38.2 million), so they can afford to give Verrett a fair offer. Now I do not expect a lucrative deal for him because his injury history is still concerning. But at least with the cap space that Washington has, they can afford the risk with Verrett. Do not forget that Martin Mayhew, former Vice President of Player Personnel for the 49ers, is now the general manager for Washington. He knows a thing or two about the ability of Verrett and what he can bring.

Report: Watson reiterates desire for trade, Texans won’t budge

The 25-year-old reportedly has privately indicated that the 49ers are among the NFL teams he’d most like to be traded to. Houston, however, hasn’t wavered from its public stance that the team will not be moving Watson after signing him to a contract extension before the 2020 season, NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero reported citing league sources.

This situation likely will continue to simmer throughout the offseason, as both sides don’t appear to be budging in the slightest.

Ranking SF 49ers 10 worst NFL Draft picks by John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan

True, there was a good chance Wishnowsky wasn’t going to last beyond Round 4, and the Niners had all intention of replacing their former punter, Bradley Pinion, who departed via free agency earlier that offseason.

Still, San Francisco wasn’t exactly in a position where it could spend a much-needed early day-three pick on a specialist.

Since that point, Wishnowsky has been merely an OK punter by most standards. While his tackling skills are exemplary, that’s not the reason why the SF 49ers grabbed him.

From now on, the Niners should target specialists only after the draft has completed and from the ranks of the undrafted.

Curran: The only fitting ending? Jimmy G. back with the Patriots

You know what kills me about that answer? The “I really believe that” portion. Lynch KNOWS people don’t believe he believes that. As a result, he actually has to emphasize he’s not lying.

Why would they want another year with a quarterback who — even though he brought them to the brink of a title — still causes them to ooze an, “I’m just not that into you ...” vibe?

What better way to even the score with Brady than with Garoppolo? It’s too perfect. Even if it means paying him what they refused to pay Brady, this would be the ultimate “have your cake and eat it too” scenario. Trade Jimmy. Win one more with Brady. Get Jimmy back. Try and win another with him.

Of all the 2021 quarterback scenarios we’ve served up this offseason, none would be more delicious than a Garoppolo return.