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NN Prediction Contest - Super Bowl edition

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

We’re down to the final game of the year! The contest leaders as of the Conference Championships include the Top 16 Contest final three: az9rfan, Chris 4949, and HawksFan17. See the separate FanPost for the Conference Championship final results. Everyone else can post scores for the BIT Open.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl and final prediction game of the season will be scored (Pacific zone time):

Kansas City @ Tamp Bay - 3:30 p.m. - Sunday, 2/7

Added Rule for Final Points Ties

One added rule for the final Super Bowl game will be a prediction of the total offensive yards by both teams to serve as a tiebreaker in case of any final point total ties. The official stat will be per ESPN’s Box Score Team Stats for the game. An example of an acceptable score post can look like this:

Kansas City @ Tampa Bay: 42 – 38

Total Yards = 840

Remember to follow the prediction format rules, post on time prior to the official game time, and refresh your memory on how we score the points. Good luck predicting!