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NN Podcast: Jerick McKinnon bids farewell to the 49ers

We also touched on the latest QB rumors, Kendrick Bourne’s value, made SB predictions, and more

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

On Today’s episode, Rob Guerrera and I expound on Adam Schefter’s comments regarding the San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation. Funny enough, Rob interviewed Kirk Cousins on Thursday but didn’t ask the magic question we’ve all been wondering: Is there anybody in Kirk’s life who loves him as much as Kyle Shanahan.

That, plus Rob didn’t want to go the Jon Gruden route by tampering. For those that don’t remember, there is some precedent for the NFL as far as tampering goes. In 2008, San Francisco had to forfeit a fifth-round pick, and swap third-round picks with the Chicago Bears at the time.

  • Making an argument for the 49ers to acquire Dak Prescott
  • Buying low on Carson Wentz? His stoke has never been lower?
  • How would Wentz, who is reportedly uncoachable, respond to Kyle Shanahan’s style of coaching?
  • Why a quarterback upgrade takes significant pressure off your defense
  • Would we see a different style of coaching from Shanahan with a different QB under center?

From there, we moved on to a couple of running backs. Todd Gurley said he’s thought about playing for the 49ers. Somehow, Gurley is only 26. Gurley averaged 3.5 yards per carry this past season and 3.8 yards per carry with the Rams last year.

Would Gurley be better with Shanahan? Like every other running back in the league, yes. The 49ers could use a receiving back, or someone who excels in short-yardage, or even a back who is good in short-yardage situations. I’m not sure Gurley falls under either of those. Thanks, but no thanks, Todd.

We touched on Jerick McKinnon’s Instagram post:

I don’t mind players speaking their minds. Some fans are going to be upset about anything. Josh Rosen had a better chance of returning to the 49ers than McKinnon this offseason, and Rosen was on the team for less than a month.

Why would you be upset, or say McKinnon was disrespectful, or feel any type of way to a player who isn’t coming back? The reaction to McKinnon’s post from fans was bizarre to me.

Finally, we talked about Kendrick Bourne and how drops are overrated, and we made a Super Bowl prediction.