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How good could Justin Fields be in Kyle Shanahan’s System?

Alex is back to break down one of the top QB prospects in the NFL Draft

As Justin Fields heads in the 2021 NFL draft, much has been made about his strengths and weaknesses. There are many false accusations on the Twittersphere that Fields is simply a one-read quarterback — which is patently false.

When Fields is at his best, he can quickly get through his progression three to four receivers at a time and rip up the holes in the defense. If you turned on the Clemson playoff game just a few months ago, you’d see Fields quickly process information and make some of the best throws of anybody in the class.

However, there are times when Fields is a tick late in the down, whether it be slow to recognize a rotating safety or his footwork not matching up with what he’s seeing, and his processing ability can thus be called into question. If the 49ers draft him, which version of Fields would Shanahan develop?