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Bourne says he’s been in constant contact with the 49ers and that that the Niners are at the top of his list

Bourne joined KNBR to discuss his future on Friday morning

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver and unrestricted free agent Kendrick Bourne was on the Murph & Mac Show Friday on KNBR discussing the communication he’s had with the team regarding Bourne’s upcoming free agency.

Bourne took his game to another level in 2020 as he had a career-high in receptions and receiving yards. He was once again efficient on third downs. I don’t think Bourne gets enough credit for making the difficult catches on third down and in the red area. There’s also something to say about Kyle Shanahan relying on Bourne in those clutch situations.

Here’s Bourne discussing his talks with general manager John Lynch:

“[John Lynch] has definitely been in contact with me. He’s calling me, telling me they’re really thinking about me, they really care about me. They love my energy, love my charisma, and stuff like that.

They know the kind of energy I bring, and I think they cherish that the most. Football isn’t (all) about energy. Football is about being out there, ready to go at all times, and I feel like they think I bring that.

So, they’ve really been telling me to try to get it done, so I’m just kind of waiting for the call, you know? It’s kind of like college recruiting all over again. You just kind of sit around, wait, see what they want, see how they feel about you, and stuff like that.”

Bourne added that “they definitely told me they want me back, so that’s just a great feeling in itself.” Bourne, who is 25, could go to another team that throws the ball more. I wonder if that would interest him over the continuity in San Francisco.

Bourne would be a terrific weapon for Aaron Rodgers or a team that’s known to throw the ball or runs a more “open” offense than a Shanahan style of offense. Now, all Bourne can do is wait for the call:

“I’m weighing my options, but the Niners is the top of my list of places I’ve been, places I’m comfortable. My relationships there are natural. The people, they understand me already. You go somewhere else, it might not be greener on the other side.

But just trying to play the best option for me. I’ve got family I’ve got to take care of, stuff like that; life stuff. If somebody’s going to give me a lot of money, then it might be a hard decision for me, but we’ll just see how it plays out.

The Niners said they’re really going to try their hardest to satisfy me, payment-wise, so we’ll see. They’re really talking well. I haven’t heard anything [about] other teams, so we’ll just see how it goes.”

If Bourne hasn’t heard anything from other teams, that will signal his return to the Bay Area. But, as Bourne said, money talks.

I cannot wait to see what the 49ers' and other teams' valuation is for Bourne. He was successful in a lost season full of backup quarterbacks. Bourne improved in every aspect at receiver and figures to continue to get better.

The NFL Draft is loaded at wide receiver, and there are a few free agents who will likely command a significant payday. Bourne could be one of the best value signings at his position, though.