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The Rise of Zach Wilson: Why He’s Flying Up Draft Boards

Alex finds the similarities between BYU’s offense and Kyle Shanahan’s while breaking down QB Zach Wilson.

What would BYU’s Zach Wilson look like with Kyle Shanahan as his coach? After studying BYU's offense, it’s easy to picture since they essentially ripped off Shanahan’s scheme, and Wilson flourished. This past year, Wilson threw for 33 touchdowns, ran for 10 more, and had just three interceptions. But what’s most fascinating is how easy it is to project him onto the 49ers based on the system familiarity.

BYU ran mostly mid-zone and wide zone. They also ran plenty of bootlegs and flood concepts and even used base personnel (two wide receivers or less) to force defenses to play heavy. When that happened, BYU would spread out the field. Wilson played in the exact system that Shanahan uses and absolutely dominated. Should the 49ers kick the tires and go get their guy?

On Friday’s podcast, we heard that Shanahan is a fan of Wilson. After watching this video, you’ll understand why that’s the case.