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Golden Nuggets: Are there any “must-have” free agents for the 49ers outside of the building?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, March 14, 2021

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NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

Especially with free agency and the NFL Draft coming up, I’ll try and include some links from the other NFC West blogs so we have an idea of what they’re talking about.

2021 NFL free agency: Seven ideal 49ers targets to bolster 2021 roster - Maiocco

Is there a starting job out there for Trubisky? It does not seem likely.

Therefore, the No. 2 pick of the Chicago Bears in 2017 will be looking for a spot with a good offense and a backup job that could turn into a major role.

With Garoppolo’s struggles to remain healthy and available, Trubisky could see a year in Shanahan’s system as a career-boosting opportunity.

49ers must pursue Curtis Samuel hard in free agency - Niners Noise

Likewise, the New York Jets are also looking to overhaul their offensive system underneath one of Shanahan’s proteges, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, who’ll likely install a scheme awfully similar to San Francisco’s.

Samuel could prefer to play in Green Bay, particularly with quarterback Aaron Rodgers being his delivery method.

But that shouldn’t discourage Samuel from considering the Niners, too.

And the 49ers should strongly consider him right back.

Eventually, it’ll have to come down to the former second-round NFL Draft pick’s asking price. Over the Cap gave Samuel a 2020 valuation of just under $7 million, which might be a bit too steep for a player who’d essentially be No. 3 on the wide receiver depth chart.

Herm Edwards plans to discuss second-year expectations with 49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk - Webzone

“I just got through talking to Brandon yesterday, and he’s coming to town, obviously, and we’re going to visit again,” Edwards said on the Covay & JD show. “But nah, it wasn’t surprising. The conversations I’ve had with John about him before they drafted him, that wasn’t surprising. I just think it’s like anything else. I just think when you get a healthy quarterback that can play 16 games, then obviously the timing and all those things come into play.

“And I just think we watched a little bit of him play. He missed some games—and that’s generally not like him—due to some injuries, and things of that nature, and to [COVID-19] as well.”

49ers CB search can’t stop with a couple re-signings - Niners Wire

Witherspoon is an unproven commodity who couldn’t maintain a starting role during his four seasons with the club, and Verrett’s injury history makes him an unreliable option.

If the 49ers are spending the money to re-sign Witherspoon and Verrett, it’s hard to imagine they’re able to wrangle any other starting-caliber corners. This year’s free agency because of the salary cap dip could lead to some talented players coming available on relatively small deals, but still, the likelihood San Francisco shells out for players who can compete for a starting job feels low.

What Cam Newton’s Deal With the Patriots Means for a Jimmy Garoppolo Trade - SI

Newton’s deal with the Patriots has little to no impact for a Garoppolo trade. He may have signed a deal worth $14 million, but Newton’s base salary is $5 million. The rest of the money is tied with incentives, which is in case Newton ends up as the starter.

Overall, Newton is being paid backup quarterback money. The Patriots still have the room to add another quality player at quarterback to be the starter. Newton is just their contingency plan. And since they have ample salary cap space, they can easily withstand the brunt of Garoppolo’s contract.

Plus, there is still the possibility that Garoppolo takes a pay cut to go to the Patriots. That could be a condition for the Patriots to acquire Garoppolo and he just might be willing. Recently acquired offensive tackle Trent Brown did that after reuniting with the Patriots via trade from the Las Vegas Raiders. Players just love to be flexible to play in New England. That is how much profound respect players have for Bill Belichick.

Random Ramsdom: Rams currently sit $31 million over the 2021 salary cap

With the 2021 salary cap finalized, including the rollover from 2020, the Rams now officially sit with $31,260,736 over the max. As things stand, the team currently has $96,208,121 allocated to the offensive side of the ball, $87,615,995 spent on the defense, and $7,837,000 on their special teams' units.

Former quarterback Jared Goff will, unfortunately, count $22.2 million towards this year’s cap, which is a large chunk of an even bigger total dead money penalty of $34,078,757. Earlier this week, general manager Les Snead said that he is currently “comfortable” with the cap situation, but that may just be him playing it cool in front of the cameras.

Plenty of tough decisions will have to be made in the coming weeks. Snead mentioned that the team has had to “knock on the door of a lot of our key figures and pillars” so he could ask them to make sacrifices and/or adjustments to their contracts to get them under the cap.

If you were John and Pete (Part Six)

Jamal Adams

Current Contract Terms: 1-year, $9.86M (5th-year option) - - - $9.86M base; no contractual bonuses; $9.86M cap hit ($0 dead money)

The Offer: 4-year, $66M extension (5 years, $75.86M overall)

Bonuses and Guarantees: $25M at signing, just shy of $35M guaranteed

2021’s Contract Numbers: $1.86M base; $5M prorated bonus; $6.86M cap hit

WORTH NOTING: This contract would make Adams the highest paid safety in the league. Also, the contract terms would be #3 if he were a linebacker, and Top-20 if he were a defensive end. Hard to imagine him not being happy with the terms.

In prioritizing Watt, cap restrictions force Cards to pivot off Reddick

The addition of J.J. Watt all but cemented Reddick’s status with the team. He likely has a been offered a “take it of leave it” deal from GM Steve Keim but will absolutely find a market once free agency begins next week.

A Reddick addition, even if only for the 2021 season, would have felt like more of a luxury compared to anything else. Especially when you consider the remaining, glaring holes on the roster that include WR, IOL, TE, RB and CB.

The Cardinals are likely to make several roster moves in the coming week to ensure Keim and company have plenty of free agent dollars to work with.