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Stats & Eggs Podcast: Juice is back, but at what price?

Don’t freak out...yet

San Francisco 49ers v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The first big domino of 49ers’ free agency has fallen, but we don’t yet know what it means for the rest of the offseason plan for one very simple reason: nobody lies more than NFL reporters when contracts get signed. Okay, they aren’t so many outright lies as they are often best-case scenarios leaked by agents to make one particular party look good — the agents.

So while the deal is reported as five years and almost 30 million dollars, take that with a huge grain of salt. We know that 10 million is guaranteed, and Kyle Juszczyk will receive $5.45 million in Year 1, but the key will be the structure. It is highly unlikely that Juice got an iron-clad deal for that kind of money considering the limited market for fullbacks which is even further depressed by a lower salary cap.

It’s far more likely, especially considering Paraag Marathe’s history with contracts, that the 49ers have one or more escape hatches built into the deal that will allow them a relatively painless exit after one or two years.

Until we know for sure, just enjoy the fact that a player most people like is sticking around -at least for 2021.

If you need the latest on what’s up with the 49ers, check out today’s Stats & Eggs podcast before things get really crazy. It’s at the bottom of the page for you and on all major podcast platforms.