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Greg Papa: The 49ers have a 4-year, $80 million deal on the table for Trent Williams

NFL: Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle’s update, 11:47 a.m.: It’s an “all hands on deck” situation for the 49ers.

On KNBR, Greg Papa, the play-by-play radio announcer for the 49ers, said that Trent Williams has a four-year $80 million deal on the table from San Francisco.

If that’s as high as the 49ers are willing to go, then we might have seen the last of Williams in a Niners uniform. When Richard Sherman predicted the 49ers would land Williams last week, the 49ers star left tackle said that he felt like he had, “I feel like I can play at a high level well into my 30s, maybe early 40s.”

I mentioned Papa being a team employee as he doesn’t put that statement out without approval. If it’s coming from the “voice of the 49ers,” then it’s likely coming from the team. Rob Guerrera of Niners Nation believes this is the 49ers “greasing the skids for a player leaving town.” That way, fans could argue, “he had an $80 million offer out there! Why didn’t he take it?”

I wouldn’t close the door on Williams returning to the 49ers just yet. Williams has yet to agree with another team, and he could be giving the 49ers a chance to either match another offer or close the deal.

If I were in the Niners front office, I wouldn’t let a couple of million come in between Trent Williams and me. If the issue is guaranteed money, you know the type of player you’re getting with Williams. This should be simple: pay the great player.

As Lund mentioned above, the 49ers have to be creative as other teams can offer more money. Creative is how you’d describe the Niners have written contracts during the Lynch/Shanahan era.