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Golden Nuggets: The WR market remains wide open

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Wednesday, March 17, 2021

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, Marquise Goodwin reverted back to the 49ers from the Eagles. According to Goodwin’s agent, there were some terms in last year’s Goodwin-to-Philly trade that “didn’t happen,” which is why Goodwin reverted back to San Francisco. Since Goodwin doesn’t have any guaranteed money remaining on his contract, the 49ers can release him without any penalty.

San Francisco will have to forfeit their seventh-round pick from this year, however.

Backstory behind infamous 2011 Harbaugh-Schwartz handshake

Lange would always be situated on the 49ers’ sideline for the final minutes of the game. Then, he would take an angle to intercept the coach on his way to the locker room to begin the process of briefing him for his postgame responsibilities.

“As I’m getting closer to Harbaugh, I’m 10 feet from him, I see a white blur come around from the other side of him,” Lange said. “And I realize it’s Jim Schwartz, and he’s jawing at Harbaugh. He bumped his chest into Harbaugh’s shoulder.

“And so I literally stepped in front of Harbaugh and swung my body around between the two of them.”

Lange said it was a spur-of-the-moment decision to step between the two men. His adrenaline was racing, his heart was pounding, and he does not recall what was being said among Harbaugh and Schwartz.

“I just knew it wasn’t going to end well,” Lange said.

Michael Silver explains why the 49ers should be the favorite in the NFC West

“I know people are excited about Matthew Stafford,” Silver commented. “He better be great for what they gave up to get him. Les Snead, the general manager, talked the other day about superpowers. Let’s hope that Matthew Stafford has many, many superpowers that thus far have produced zero playoff victories in 12 seasons.”

“The 49ers, to me, are very much like the team that came very, very close to winning the Super Bowl, and I do write off last year to the insane wave of injuries they experienced. I know they might lose some guys. You get Nick Bosa back healthy, if Jimmy Garoppolo ends up being the quarterback and can stay healthy, you see them trying to fortify what they have.

“They re-signed fullback Kyle Juszczyk, which is huge. They’re trying to get Trent Williams back. I think the 49ers are going to be a force to be reckoned with, and they start the NFC West Derby right now on the very top.”

The not-so-curious case of Mac Jones

For example, there are concerns about Jones’ mobility. The NFL is experiencing a changing of the guard at the quarterback position, and there are questions about whether Jones is well-suited for a league that is increasingly featuring some of its best athletes behind center. Only 17% of Jones’ throws in 2020 were made off-platform, one of the lowest rates among Power 5 quarterbacks. That kind of stationary play style is tough to reconcile when you consider the way the pro game is trending. Since 2019, about 27% of NFL throws occurred from a compromised throwing base. Pure pocket passers have been viable in the past, but the trend has been shifting towards mobility for some time now.

Marquise Goodwin reverts back to the 49ers

Shortly after the Eagles acquired Goodwin, the two sides reportedly agreed to a more team-friendly deal. But that deal never actually went into effect due to his opt-out decision.

Thus, Goodwin’s contract was set to toll over to 2021, and he was looking like an obvious cut candidate.

Cut: $4.3 million cleared ($0 dead money)

Goodwin allegedly said that he’s in talks with the Eagles to restructure his deal to return in 2021. One would think the Eagles would only want him back at the minimum with no guaranteed money involved. If such an agreement can’t be reached, it’s a no-brainer for the Eagles to move on.

But now I guess the Eagles won’t have to cut him because the trade reverted? Except for the part where Philly dropped 20 spots in last year’s sixth round. Can’t undo that.

Shaq Barrett on resigning w/ TB, Tom Brady’s influence, the young Bucs, where will Richard Sherman end up and mor‪e‬

“Slow motion so far. I’ve gotten a couple feeler calls, where it’s been, ‘Hey, what are you willing to take?’ .No firm offers or anything.”

Missing on Corey Linsley was okay for the Arizona Cardinals

Nuance is tough on the internet so I want to first state that Corey Linsley is a completely dominant player and would have improved the Cardinals offense in an unmeasurable way.

He is that good at center.

Yet, for the first time in a while I side with Steve Keim on something.

The alleged offer from the Arizona Cardinals was not only fair but smart for Linsley ($10 millionish a year and $20 million guaranteed).

He’s a 30-year old center who has played extremely well with one of the smartest quarterbacks in NFL history.

He has grown up in a stable system, with the same bedrock of players around him.

He is great there’s no doubt to that.

Yet, I agree with Keim.

Report: Bears settle for Andy Dalton, as Seahawks won’t trade Russell Wilson

This effectively closes the door on any Wilson trade speculation you would assume. The Dallas Cowboys re-signed Dak Prescott, the New Orleans Saints gave Taysom Hill an entirely voidable $140 million contract extension and re-signed Jameis Winston, and the Las Vegas Raiders are dismantling their offensive line as we speak.

Maybe we can now focus on our own offseason and how the Seahawks can improve a team that already has Wilson, as opposed to fearing that he may go to another team and make them better.

The WR market remains wide open

While it is true that this is “only” the tampering period, this is also when a lot of major deals get done and set a precedent for what’s to come next at the position over the following weeks. In the case of wide receivers, teams have clearly not prioritized them as much as the players had hoped and instead the focus has been on edge players, offensive linemen, and veteran stopgaps at quarterback.

(Which is why you trade for Matthew Stafford when you get the chance.)

ESPN’s Dianna Russini tweeted that a free agent wide receiver said that “the WR market is really bad right now” and ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe added that there isn’t any additional cap space coming. Teams have just opted to not spend it on wide receivers.

This moment has been coming for quite some time.