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Shanaplan Podcast: Why keeping Trent Williams was so important

Now that we can exhale, what happens next?

As much as we like to consider decisions on players in a vacuum, the truth is that coaches and GMs don’t have the luxury of doing that. They understand that every move you make affects every other move you make until the roster is finalized before the season. Part of the reason that the Trent Williams situation was so critical is not only because of how talented Williams is but also because of how his presence affects the rest of the team.

Now that Williams is officially in the fold, the 49ers have a lot more options available to them in April’s draft. Because they won’t have a gaping need at left tackle, they have the freedom to select virtually any position they want with the 12th pick. If they want to use that pick to take a quarterback, they can. If they need to package that pick (and others) to move up, they can. If something crazy happens and Kyle Pitts is there when San Francisco is on the clock, Kyle now has the luxury of considering that move because Williams is in the fold.

Without the all-pro left tackle, the team would either be forced to sign someone from the scraps of what is left on the free-agent market or draft a left tackle next month, more than likely in the first round.

It would be hard to argue that the 49ers were still in their Super Bowl window without Williams to anchor the offensive line. In fact, Kyle even asked me in today’s Shanaplan Podcast whether this move keeps the team in their Super Bowl window. Check it out below or on any major podcast platform. If you like the show, please leave us a rating and a five-star review as well.

Other topics in the episode

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