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Golden Nuggets: Alex Mack gives the 49ers peace of mind at center

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Free agency has started to slow down, but there are still plenty of players out there who will be big-time contributors next season. Three of the 49ers five starters from 2019’s secondary remain unsigned: Richard Sherman, K’Waun Williams, and Jaquiski Tartt. How long will they last on the market?

Kyle Juszczyk reveals motivation in re-signing quickly with 49ers

“I knew as a free agent, that’s gonna affect me directly and how much cash these teams have and are able to spend in free agency and no less than myself, a guy that, not a lot of people are employing a fullback, so if they are going to, they better have the money to spend on it,” Juszczyk said. “Because some people look at it as a luxury. I’m happy that San Francisco doesn’t look at it that way, they look at it as more of a priority and that means a lot to me.”

“Paraag has been phenomenal at doing what he’s been doing and he was great to work with on my end,” Juszczyk said. “I’m happy that we’ve been able to sign as many guys as we have already with what looks like a limited amount of funds.”

49ers interest in Flacco is vote of confidence in Jimmy G

Rosen was Tampa Bay’s No. 4 quarterback before the 49ers signed him off their practice squad late in the season. Johnson, who turns 35 in May, has appeared in seven NFL games over the past nine years.

Flacco would appear to be a better option than Rosen or Johnson. And he would be no threat to Garoppolo.

But his presence would not change much, either.

If the 49ers wanted to add a quarterback at some point in the draft, there’s nothing that would stop them.

San Francisco 49ers sign Pro Bowl center Alex Mack to 3-year deal

“The 49ers, obviously there’s a connection with Kyle Shanahan, and him as a head coach and the offense he runs, that always has been something that I know it’s a system I can be really good in,” Mack said Thursday. “It’s an offense I know I can excel at, so it was a very good fit between a good team and a good spot with a good coaching staff and a place I can be a good player in.”

Mack, 35, completed his fifth season with the Falcons last season. He joined Atlanta as a free agent on a five-year, $57.5 million contract before the 2015-16 season.

49ers’ early offseason moves signal at least short-term belief in Jimmy Garoppolo

There are still a few tweaks to make before the 49ers have a roster that can legitimately compete for a Super Bowl this year. They need better depth at wide receiver, still need some additional cornerback help, and more depth in the trenches wouldn’t hurt on either side of the ball.

If they’re able to check all those boxes this offseason and stay healthy, it’s not out of the question they contend for a championship again if Garoppolo is starting under center.

The truth is they’ve been constructing a roster that can win with a player like him barking signals. It pairs an explosive rushing attack with a bevy of pass catchers who’s specialty is yards after the catch.

How new 49er Mack believes he will ease pressure on Jimmy G

The 49ers coach used his familiarity with Mack to bring the veteran center back to California, knowing how it could positively affect his offense. The 35-year-old’s experience in identifying defensive fronts and communicating on the field will only help take pressure off of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

“It’s an advantage for the quarterback,” Mack said Thursday. “The quarterback doesn’t have to worry as much about some of the stuff, he can trust the center. The better the center can direct traffic, the better the offense can run.”

49ers Mock Draft 3.0 : Maximizing Value

Round 3, Pick 77 (via LAC) : Dyami Brown, Wide Receiver, North Carolina

After using the first three picks to bolster the defense, the offense gets a jolt with the addition of a dynamic receiving threat. Brown has the size and ability to be a consistent threat at all levels of the field. Additionally, Brown is extremely explosive and has the skills to provide the 49ers with the deep threat they’ve been lacking. With a combination of dynamic quickness and savvy route running, Brown adds great upside to an already loaded 49ers skill position group.

Perhaps this offseason will help Russell Wilson’s ego

I do not know what happened to Russell Wilson this year. I have said before that at times, when he takes another step forward in using his voice in different arenas (leadership, public sphere, offseason firestorm initiator) it tends to be very awkward. I think he wanted to make some wishes more public, state some well-deserved emotional concerns, and it went badly. On both ends.

However, it could not be much more clear that the rest of the NFL had no interest in giving up the farm for Wilson. The silver lining here is that I hope this helps if indeed Wilson’s ego has been to blame for the cluster of an offseason. He made soft demands last year (superstars) and the Seahawks got one....on defense. He made his demands bigger and louder this year, and Seattle got...quiet.

Troy Hill signs with Browns

Hill, 29, was an undrafted free agent out of Oregon in 2015, signing with the Cincinnati Bengals that year. He also had a brief stint on the New England Patriots before being picked up by the Rams on the final day of 2015. Hill’s previously career-high in playing time came in 2019, when he got in on 49% of the snaps for defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Brandon Staley basically doubled Hill’s playing time in 2020 and he responded with 10 passes defensed and three interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns. Hill also had a fumble recovery for a touchdown, giving him three scores last year.

A.J. Green gives the Cardinals another veteran to lean on, but also doesn’t change much on Larry Fitzgerald

When that happened with the signing of A.J. Green the speculation on Larry Fitzgerald began immediately.

The reality is that Green signing doesn’t change much on Fitzgerald unless the Cardinals are finally going to look at Christian Kirk and Andy Isabella for what they are... slot receivers.

Green is primarily an outside wide receiver as his snap counts the last five years:

2015: 770 snaps wide, 145 snaps slot

2016: 459 snaps wide, 92 snaps slot

2017: 761 snaps wide, 86 snaps slot

2018: 358 snaps wide, 99 snaps slot

2020: 687 snaps wide, 131 snaps slot

Green is going to play outside opposite of Hopkins. That means the slot position is still open.