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Details on 49ers C Alex Mack’s 3-year deal: There are no guarantees past 2021

Las Vegas Raiders v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We initially thought that San Francisco 49ers' new center Alex Mack signed a one-year deal. On Thursday, we found out that Mack’s deal was for three years. Over the Cap released Mack’s contract details, and while the deal is technically for three years, Mack only has guaranteed money for this upcoming season.

The total contract reads as a three-year deal worth $14.85 million. Mack’s base salary of $1.425 is guaranteed in 2021. His prorated bonus of $3.675 is also guaranteed, but that’s prorated throughout the three-year deal.

Here is a look at Mack’s cap hits for each season:

2021: $3M

2022: $6.725M

2023: $5.075M

If the 49ers were to release Mack after 2021, they’d save $1,825,000 million. If the Niners were to cut Mack after the 2022 season, they’d save 2,625,000 against the salary cap.

There are no ghost years in Mack’s contract, and it’s a legitimate three-year deal. Mack is 36, so the team can evaluate his play and take it year-by-year. If Mack excels like we believe he will, having a veteran center with those cap hits from above in 2022 and 2023 with the salary cap rising makes Mack affordable.

If Mack is average or shows signs of slowing down in his play, the dead money is minimal at $2,450,000. It’s a smart, cheap deal for the 49ers, considering how much of an improvement Mack is from Daniel Brunskill.