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Kyle Pitts is a superstar, but NOT as a tight end

Kyle Pitts is one of the most talented players in the draft. Let’s not make any mistake about that. But when studying and charting Pitts’ 2020 season, it’s increasingly evident that NFL teams should heavily consider moving him to Wide Receiver from Tight End. This is a solution to maximizing Pitts’skill set, but it also brings up other questions: is Pitts the best wide receiver in the class?

Would his draft stock fall if he switched to the deeper WR position? Does he lose out on his full potential if switching to a less impactful position? These are all important questions for NFL teams to answer, and in this video, I go through why he should consider switching positions in the first place.

In most scenarios, taking the best player available is the best option. In a 49ers offense, Kyle Pitts would be a matchup nightmare and allow Kyle Shanahan to dictate what the defense does. The question becomes, is Pitts too much of a luxury pick?