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Golden Nuggets: Verrett, Witherspoon, listed as PFF’s best free-agency signings

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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Washington Football Team v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

MMQB: How the NFL’s New Television Contracts Position the League to Keep Growing

“When I started in the role, it was pretty simple. We just conducted an auction for the fixed packages for the two conferences, and Sunday and Monday [nights],” said Kraft, who now chairs the committee. “And over the last decade and a half, it’s become a much more detailed, customized project, so that we’re looking at each game window, and not just how it is good for us, but how we’re presenting it to the changing tastes of our fans.”

The meat and potatoes of the new deal reflects that. Each legacy network is connected to a streaming service in the deal—Disney to ESPN+, NBC to Peacock, CBS to Paramount+ and Fox to Tubi—and those streaming services will be able to broadcast games, and in some cases do so exclusively (ESPN will have the option to put an international game on ESPN+). Also, as part of this, for the first time in nearly two decades, ABC will get back in the Super Bowl rotation, something Disney had been looking for.

USC O-Lineman Vera-Tucker, 49ers have spoken ahead of draft

“I feel like with Trent Williams he is a really physical player and he can move really well for how big he is,” Vera-Tucker said. “Real athletic. His feet move really nicely and he climbs to the second level really well.

“You can tell he has specific aiming points whether it’s in pass pro or the run game. His hands are really good in pass pro. Just trying to be able to study all of that, how he steps too, is really important to me at tackle.”

2021 Three-Round NFL Mock Draft: Zach Wilson goes to the Jets at No. 2, 49ers trade up for their QB of the future | NFL ...


The 49ers give up a future first and some change to get their guy. The pick not only represents a possible upgrade over Jimmy Garoppolo, but it also clears $23.6 million in cap space from Jimmy G’s contract that the 49ers could use after the Trent Williams deal.

Ex-49ers RB Jarryd Hayne Convicted Of Sexual Assault, Faces 14 Years In Jail

Former 49ers RB Jarryd Hayne — who was also a massive international rugby star — was convicted of sexual assault Monday ... and he’s now facing serious time behind bars.

A jury in Sydney, Australia found the 33-year-old guilty of two counts of sexual intercourse without consent ... after a woman had accused Hayne of getting violent with her in bed in Sept. 2018.

The woman claimed Hayne had performed sexual acts on her without her consent ... and caused her serious injuries.

Hayne — who was ultimately charged with aggravated sexual intercourse without consent as well as two counts of sexual intercourse without consent — had denied the allegations, insisting it all was consensual and explaining the injuries were caused by accident.

PFF names Jason Verrett as 49ers’ best free-agency signing, grades overall moves as ‘average’

“The one guy who managed to stay healthy after a tough battle with his own personal injury bug was former first-round cornerback Jason Verrett, and his return on another prove-it deal for $5.5 million is huge for San Francisco’s secondary,” wrote Monson and Spielberger.

“The Seahawks made a solid addition in CB Ahkello Witherspoon, who finished the 2020 season on a high note with coverage grades of 88.8, 86.8 and 77.7 in the final three contests,” wrote Monson and Spielberger. “... but Witherspoon has started just 12 games the last two years, so it’s probably a gamble to rely on durability going forward.”