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Fowler: The 49ers are “up to something” at quarterback

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler says that Gardner Minshew is an option for San Francisco

Chicago Bears v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers have filled seemingly every position of need outside of quarterback. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler believes the Niners “are up to something” at quarterback.

In his article, Fowler mentioned that Mitch Trubisky spoke with the 49ers about a spot on the roster. He also added that the 49ers pushed to sign Andy Dalton, but he wanted more of a guarantee of a starting job, which the Bears offered. Here’s Fowler’s blurb about San Francisco:

Rumors persist that Jacksonville quarterback Gardner Minshew II could be in their plans via trade.

Let’s assume, for now, San Francisco is angling for quality depth behind Jimmy Garoppolo.

Several execs peg San Francisco as comfortable with Garoppolo as the starter but also looking for upgrades, of which there aren’t many.

Watson would be one, of course. But he’s hardly a slam dunk to be dealt.

So, for now, San Francisco can focus on adding to the quarterback room and adjust from there.

Minshew is cheap and under contract for the next two seasons. His cap number in 2021 is under a million, while it goes just north of $1 million in 2022.

The 49ers could presumably trade for Minshew for a Day 3 pick. He started eight games for the Jags this past season and had a 16/5 TD/INT ratio. Minshew doesn’t turn the ball over, but he does take a lot of sacks. Minshew had the sixth-highest sack percentage this past season at 7.1%.

As is the case with any backup, the hope is that he doesn’t see the field. Kyle Shanahan must have good intel on Minshew’s work ethic and skills off the field as far as helping Garoppolo with preparation.

It does feel like San Francisco is “up to something” at quarterback when you look at how the roster has been built or put back together this offseason. There has been depth added at the necessary positions. All signs point to adding a QB through the draft if the team cannot land Minshew in a trade.

Could the two teams simply swap backup quarterbacks? Ian Rapoport reported that C.J. Beathard just signed with the Jaguars.