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Stats & Eggs Podcast: Shooting down reasons to keep Jimmy Garoppolo

No matter how you slice it, the 49ers are betting off moving on from #10

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Immediately after news of the 49ers trading for the third overall pick in the draft broke, reports about the team wanting to keep Jimmy Garoppolo this year came from almost every direction. Adam Schefter said it. Ian Rapoport said it. Tim Kawakami said it. I don’t doubt that’s what they’ve been told, but don’t forget, we’re in the season of lying. San Francisco would like to get something in return for Garoppolo, so creating the impression they still want him helps (a little) with that.

In today’s Stats & Eggs podcast, I run through all of the reasons to keep Jimmy that you came at me with on Twitter over the weekend and explain why I don’t think they make sense. TLDR version? You don’t make this deal if you are sure that Garoppolo can stay healthy all year and play well enough to win a Super Bowl.

You can read a few of the reasons below or take a listen to today’s episode to hear the full explanation.

Here are some of the others:

Kyle Shanahan’s system is too complicated for a rookie

It is true that it’s one of the more complex systems, but Kyle also managed to teach enough of the system to Jimmy Garoppolo during the actual season in 2017 to get him to perform at some of his highest levels in a 49ers uniform. He can’t get a rookie ready to go with months to prepare? Also, the kid doesn’t need to know the entire thing in Week 1. He can get a basic understanding and continue to absorb more as the season goes along.

The offseason will be virtual, so a rookie can’t be ready

Virtual, yes, but that doesn’t mean zero contact whatsoever. Plus, this isn’t the first year of the digital offseason. The 49ers already know what works and doesn’t work. Is it ideal? No, but the idea that you can’t get a guy up to speed is crazy. Isn’t that what teams pay coaches for? Plus, Justin Herbert had a virtual offseason last year and managed to set the single-season rookie record for touchdown passes. Hell, he found out he was starting his first game 10 seconds before kickoff and dropped 300 yards on the eventual AFC Champion Chiefs. And that’s with Anthony Lynn as a head coach. The 49ers can’t do that with the best offensive mind in the game?

No rookie quarterback has ever won the Super Bowl

So what? Why does that matter? All that means is it hasn’t been done - yet. Big Ben got to the AFC title game as a rookie. Is it really Earth-shattering that whoever the 49ers draft could win two more games than that? With this roster and this coach?

The 49ers do things no one else has done all the time. No team had ever won five Super Bowls until the 49ers did in 1994. No quarterback had ever run for 181 yards in a game before Colin Kaepernick did it against the Packers. Nobody ever ran for 200 yards and 4 TDs in a playoff game before Raheem Mostert did it in the NFC title game, also against the Packers (sorry, not sorry).

Those are a few of the things you hit with me with on Twitter. Check out the full episode to hear them all.