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King: Lynch or Shanahan will attend Mac Jones’ pro day; Peters will watch Fields

Both pro days are scheduled for Tuesday, so the 49ers will “split the baby”

San Francisco 49ers Practice Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

NBC Sports’ Peter King reported that the San Francisco 49ers brass would split up how they attend Alabama QB Mac Jones’ pro day and Ohio State’s Justin Fields’ pro day. Both quarterbacks are scheduled to throw on Tuesday. Since you can’t be in two places at one get the drift.

Interestingly, King said that either general manager John Lynch or head coach Kyle Shanahan would attend Jones’ pro day, while assistant general manager Adam Peters would be flying to Colombus, Ohio, to watch Fields.

Jones already had his pro day a week ago, where Jones ran faster than anticipated, but some of his throws left a lot to be desired. You would see receivers slowing up for passes down the field. The difference this time around should resemble more of a normal script where Joens will throw to Jalen Waddle instead of underclassmen.

King said he views this could mean that Jones is the leader in the clubhouse, but it’s not over yet.

I think this doesn’t change anything. San Francisco did not trade two future first-round picks and a third-round pick without knowing who they’re taking at quarterback. Let’s just say their decision won’t hinge on a scripted pro day.

The 49ers come off as a team acting like they don’t want to get jumped for their QB at the top of the draft — it feels premature to rule out a trade to No. 2 for Zach Wilson — which is why Shanahan/Lynch attending Jones’ pro day feels like a smokescreen or misdirection.

If you recall, Shanahan and the 49ers worked out Mitch Trubisky in April of ‘17 leading up to the draft and the team passed on the former North Carolina quarterback. So, don’t read too much into Shanahan’s attendance.

Leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft, the 49ers “treated” Quinnen Williams to IHOP. The team even put out that they felt like Williams was “more special” than Nick Bosa. This happens every year, yet we continue to fall for it.

If anything, North Dakota State’s Trey Lance would be the pick since he had his pro day, and the Niners pulled the trigger after Lance threw. He, or Zach Wilson, since the trade-up happened on Wilson’s pro day, would be the choice if we’re basing it on this logic.

King also mentioned that as of the moment of writing his column that the Niners don’t plan to trade Jimmy Garoppolo unless an offer from another team blows them away. He mentioned Carolina and New England. This appears to be more posturing as we went over why keeping Garoppolo does not make sense, and you can’t use the Patrick Mahomes/Alex Smith dynamic here.

Former NFL QB Sage Rosenfels has worked with Shanahan at the QB collective and his word holds more weight than anyone at this point: