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Stats & Eggs Podcast: Lynch and Shanahan answer the Jimmy G. questions

They didn’t all make sense, but they answered them

If you didn’t have time to watch or listen to the entire media session from John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan yesterday, I have good news for you. First, you can hear the best parts in today’s Stats & Eggs podcast. Second, I have the short version for you: Jimmy G. is our quarterback, unless he isn’t.

It’s a difficult job to speak to the media a month before the NFL Draft. The current 49ers front office has a history of being relatively candid with reporters and players, but even they have to muddy the waters of truth this time of year. Nowhere was this more apparent than with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

To hear Lynch and Shanahan tell it Monday, Jimmy G. was a guy they were, “comfortable” with as the starter, despite also being a player on which they couldn’t risk another injury plagued season.

John Lynch described him as, “a guy we are very high on,” which seems odd because the the team just traded four total draft picks to acquire a rookie who plays the same position that Lynch says will be, “a big part of our future.” I wonder what he’d give up to replace a player they didn’t actually want?

Am I splitting hairs? Maybe, but the point is that the team’s roster moves don’t match their rhetoric. Decide for yourself by taking a listen to today’s Stats & Eggs podcast.

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