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Golden Nuggets: 49ers send a care package to Danny Yu Chang

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

I’d like to shift away from quarterback talk and look at potential prospects in the second round for the rest of the week. From cornerbacks to edge rushers, the Niners can find an immediate contributor on Day 2 of the NFL Draft.

Kyle Shanahan says 49ers will ‘listen’ to trade offers for Jimmy Garoppolo but deal unlikely

Head coach Kyle Shanahan added to that uncertainty by saying that the team would “listen” to trade offers.

“It’s going to be hard to find a quarterback that gives us a better chance to win than Jimmy right now, especially even a rookie in the draft,” Shanahan said. “So, that’s what you look into.”

He continued: “Now, if someone wanted something for that and it can make your team better in a lot of other ways, you listen to that, but also depends on how good you feel about that rookie. We’re not there yet right now and odds are, we probably won’t be. That’s why we’re happy that we don’t have to be that way. We’ve got a guy in here who we know we can win with, a guy that our players love, that we love and we’re excited to have him this year and we’re excited to have a hell of a quarterback right behind him learning for when the time is his.”

Adam Schefter explains what he thinks 49ers do with third overall pick, Jimmy Garoppolo

“They’re gonna plan on having Jimmy Garoppolo there this year,” Schefter said. “Today a month out, that’s how I envision the 49ers quarterback situation, playing out with this team, giving the job to Jimmy Garoppolo this year with the understanding that the quarterback they picked third overall next month will be the guy that is the 40 Niners quarterback in the 2022 season.

Could there be injuries that change that? Sure. Could there be a trade offer between now and then that changes it? Sure. But today, at the end of March going into April, the 49ers plan is to pick their quarterback of the future at three and have Jimmy Garoppolo be their starting quarterback for this season.”

49ers QB theater: Justin Fields dazzles while Kyle Shanahan and Mac Jones share a laugh

Fields, meanwhile, was more intense. He may have been a bit tight to begin his session as some of the early throws were a touch short. He didn’t crack a smile until he started hitting a series of high-difficulty deep throws later on, some of which were the most impressive passes any of the top quarterbacks have made during the pro-day circuit.

Both players tried to highlight perceived shortcomings. Jones’ script called for him to roll out of the pocket and throw on the move, something Shanahan — a large coffee in hand — likely was interested to see. Fields did the opposite. Most of his early throws were designed to show what he could do in a more confined space and he often had private quarterback coach John Beck, who scripted the session, running at him with a large pad as he released the ball.

Fields’ athleticism won’t be a surprise to Shanahan, who expects to watch the Ohio State quarterback at a future throwing session.

Giants’ Alyssa Nakken reveals what she learned from 49ers’ Katie Sowers

“It was wonderful to talk to Katie about it because she was going through it and has gone through it and we could just kind of share stories about that and the importance of knowing how to balance it,” Nakken said. “It is a responsibility to speak with the media and get your face out there and talk about these things so that it helps continue to keep this path paved for more women to get into these roles.”

San Francisco 49ers Send Care Package To Danny Yu Chang, Fan Injured In Anti-Asian Attack

Dear Danny,

On behalf of the San Francisco 49ers organization, we want to express our outrage at the recent hate crime that you experienced and our condemnation of the rise in hate crimes against the AAPI community. We are deeply sorry for the pain and fear that you have suffered and want you to know that we support and stand in unity with you as a member of the Faithful, outstanding representative of our community and human being. We must put an end to senseless acts of hate and violence.

We’ve included a handful of items that we hope will uplift you, your wife and kids during this difficult time. It is courageous people like you who keep us motivated and inspired throughout the season.

We look forward to staying in touch and once we can return safely to Levi’s Stadium, we’d love to welcome you to our facility so you can see the home of your favorite team in person. We stand in strong support of the AAPI community and will continue to work tirelessly to bring about the necessary changes the Bay Area and our country needs. Everyone deserves to feel respected and safe in their homes and we are committed to making equality and inclusion for all communities a reality.

We got your back.

All the best,

San Francisco 49ers