A QB/QBOTF in one body? How about this?

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With their jobs on the line, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy in Chicago are desperate to find a starting QB. They missed out on both Matt Stafford and Carson Wentz. They'd like to be in the chase for Deshaun Watson (very, very unlikely) and now are apparently trying to find a way to trade for Russell Wilson. (Do I sense complete panic here?) If neither of those fly, and they likely won't, their next move, per Chicago beat writers, is to try to sign either free agent Jameis Winston (New Orleans) or Ryan Fitzpatrick (Miami). That would be a pretty lengthy reach ... a lot of risk without a lot of upside or permanence. Further complication ... latest rumor is that Ryan Fitzpatrick is considering retirement. Leaving Winston? Seriously?

The Niners are looking for a QB upgrade over Jimmy Garoppolo and/or a QBOTF.

Jimmy Garoppolo is a Chicago-area guy and would probably draw a lot of fan interest if he was to be acquired by the Bears ... not to mention that he would likely be much better, admittedly at greater cost, than either Winston or Fitzpatrick. The difficulty would be Chicago's lack of cap space ... although they could reduce Jimmy's cap hit by executing a back-loaded contract extension.

Robert Saleh is no doubt looking for leaders on both sides of the ball to help him change the Jets' locker room cultural mess and be leaders on the field to help with implementing new schemes.

Nobody really yet knows what Sam Darnold could be if he ever got decent coaching and had a decent team around him. Both Saleh and Mike LaFleur will certainly be a huge coaching upgrade and the Jets have the draft capital to significantly improve their roster.


A Potential Solution ... Everybody Wins

Would Joe Douglas, Jets' GM, consider this deal IF Saleh/LaFleur want to give it a go with Darnold?

  • Lynch offers Pick #1/12 (1200) plus Pick #1/20 (850), IF the Niners could acquire it, plus LB Fred Warner in exchange for Pick #1/2 (2600) ... essentially valuing Warner as equivalent to Pick #2/35 in the draft

(This would give Douglas 4 of the first 34 picks in the 2021 draft, in addition to Warner, to rebuild the Jets' roster to Saleh's liking.)

  • Lynch offers to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to Chicago in exchange for Pick #1/20.

(Before you say that Jimmy isn't worth that, consider Chicago's window, their QB predicament, and other alternatives available to them. Bringing back a home town guy with a winning-starter record, when healthy, would certainly enhance their image with the fan base. And, Jimmy fits what Nagy wants to do on offense. Further, this trade wouldn't cost more than one draft pick and NO players. Remember, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder ... and Jimmy is a better QB than either Winston or Fitzpatrick.)

  • Lynch selects QB Zach Wilson (BYU) with Pick #1/2 in the draft ... solving the QB issue in both the short- and long-term.


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