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Golden Nuggets: Kyle Juszczyk explains how not having an NFL Combine will affect free agency

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, March 8, 2021

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We are just over a week away from NFL free agency. We’ll see how many rumors start to trickle in about who the 49ers are interested in or are willing to let walk as the week goes along.

49ers’ Kyle Juszczyk explains why start of free agency may not be typical signing frenzy

“I feel like most of the time, that’s because before [COVID-19], most of the negotiating gets done at the Combine,” Juszczyk said on The Pat McAfee Show last week. “And I know nobody wants to talk about it, maybe it’s not completely legal or whatever you want to put on it, but we all know what’s going on at the Combine. The entire NFL is there.

“But now, not having that, that might push people back anyways. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that literally, the second free agency hits, there’s 20, 30 guys that are signing these deals. It’s like, ‘Oh, we negotiated that in the last 12 hours? Like, all of you? That’s impressive.’”

“Because there’s no Combine, and nobody’s able to meet in person, I feel like that might actually push some contracts back, and you might see a lot more later signings than you would usually,” added Juszczyk.

49ers Jimmy Garoppolo Deserves The Respect To Not Call On Teddy Bridgewater

The 49ers can avoid this possible scenario by stop calling on the Darnold, the Wentz, and the Bridgewater of the NFL. Could Darnold and Wentz have a higher ceiling than Garoppolo? Sure, but those guys have been in the NFL for some time now, and to assume they magically hit that ceiling because of Shanahan is not reliable enough to make a move.

The front office either needs to jump into the pool or stay out of it because dipping their toe in and out is not the move for a positive culture. John Lynch and company need to take note of the Rams and Eagles playbook. Both organizations made a decision and acted accordingly. There was no should we or shouldn’t we like the 49ers are doing.

49ers Mock 2.0 : The Lightyears Strategy

Round1, Pick 12


49ers send picks 12 & 102 to Los Angeles in exchange for picks 13 & 47

Round 1, Pick 13 : Rashawn Slater, Offensive Tackle, Northwestern

After trading back one spot with the Chargers (and adding an additional second-round pick in the process by doing so), I grab the best player I have left on my board. Slater is an incredibly gifted athlete for a player his size and he provides great value with his ability to play at any spot along the offensive line. This gives the 49ers tremendous flexibility should they retain the services of All-Pro tackle Trent Williams, while also giving them quite the contingency plan should Williams depart in free agency. You will hear some evaluators project that Slater is better suited for the Guard position due to his size and arm length, but I truly believe those concerns are overblown. By adding Slater the 49ers add an athletic specimen with great upside who is a plug and play at any spot along the line from day one.

Jets may look to help Robert Saleh with 49ers free agents

“There’s always comfort in familiarity,” Saleh said this week. “It’s almost human nature to gravitate to people you’ve worked with and people you’ve been around, but there’s still a process at which you go to. There’s a fit, there’s a value. There are all those different things, a lot of moving parts that go into it. While yeah, it’d be great, it’s not the main determining factor on whether or not we can get those people into the building, those players.”

49ers Mentioned As Possible Contenders For 2 Major QB Trades

“Why? Because Darnold fits the profile that Shanahan loves at the position: athletic, can throw moving to his left or right, and has the arm strength to make the defense defend every blade of grass on the field,” Lombardi wrote. “The 49ers could acquire him with a second-round pick and then trade Jimmy G.”

“Would San Francisco want Watson? Yes,” Lombardi said. “Would they want Watson over Darnold? Once again, yes. Would they regret trading for Darnold if two days later they hear Houston is accepting offers for Watson? Another huge yes.”