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Have the greatest 49ers jerseys of all time returned?

Images of home 1994 throwbacks leak online

Jase Greenberg

I didn’t think it was possible for a topic to light 49ers Twitter on fire more than The Great Quarterback Debate of 2021 - until I saw this tweet from Jase Greenberg over the weekend.

The 49ers haven’t had a ton of great jerseys throughout their history, and 49ers fans don’t agree on much these days - BUT FORGET ALL THAT BECAUSE THE RED 1994 THROWBACKS ARE BACK, BABY!

We haven’t seen them on the field since the 49ers mopped the floor with the then San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX, but if online speculation is right (and really, when have internet rumors ever been wrong), we’ll get to see pure jersey perfection on the field again in 2021. Remember, 49ers President Al Guido recently promised some surprises this year to honor the 75th anniversary of the franchise. What better surprise than this?

My only question would be, when? Ideally the Niners would wear these at home every week this year, but I’ll try not to be too greedy. Let’s take a look at the best candidates in 2021, shall we?

Green Bay

No game screams throwback matchup more than the 49ers and Packers. Throw in the rivalry history between the two teams and this has to be considered the strongest potential candidate. San Francisco has gotten the better of that rivalry lately, but despite that fact I still feel the sting of those three straight playoff losses from 1995-1997 (not to mention another in 2001). Maybe they fully exercise those demons with the throwbacks this year? With the game almost sure to be in prime time, it’s a strong possibility.


49ers-Seahawks matchups are almost always big games, and presumably they will be again barring another injury tsunami for San Francisco. Plus, who can forget the final game of the 2019 regular season when Dre Greenlaw channeled his inner Rickey Jackson and stoned Jacob Hollister at the one inch line? What better way to wash away last year’s throwback loss to Seattle, and get the good juju flowing again in 2021?

Los Angeles

The Rams are the only other real contender I see for a red throwback game in 2021, but they have the weakest case. The rivalry doesn’t come close to the other two rivalries, and the game might not be in prime time. Plus, with the way Kyle Shanahan has owned Sean McVay recently, do you really want them to waste it on this game?

There are other possibilities, like Atlanta or Indianapolis, but they just wouldn’t feel the same to me. You can’t wait a quarter century to bring that look back and then wear them against a team with as little connection to the 49ers as the Falcons. What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know which game you think deserves the honor of the red throwbacks.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge jersey guy. Even beyond my fandom, I love checking out all the new alternates, throwbacks, and changes throughout the league. So much so that I dove into it today on the Niners Nation Radio Podcast. Check it out here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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