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Golden Nuggets: Kittle says he wants Jimmy G to be his QB

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, April 1, 2021

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

In today’s nuggets, you’ll read about Deebo and his health, Mac Jones, why Kiper has Justin Fields ahead of Zach Wilson, why Fields is the only option at No. 3 for the 49ers, and why Kittle wants Jimmy back. Plus, Matt Maiocco brings up Garoppolo and a potential trade scenario.

Deebo feels 100 percent healthy, ready to dominate in 2021

“Yes ma’am,” Samuel said when asked if he currently is feeling 100 percent healthy.”

“I have to get back into the top-tier shape that I need to be in, not only for me, but for the team,” Samuel said. “For how much they use me in the offense, I got to get back into tip-top shape, making sure I don’t come back and get injured or anything.

“I want to hit the ground running without any setbacks”

Analyst calls the idea that the 49ers traded up for Mac Jones ‘a punch to the stomach’

“They didn’t have to go to three, Dan,” Miller explained. “I don’t think they did. Now, maybe to seven. Maybe to six, which we saw that pick get traded already. But I don’t think you needed to go from 12 to three to get Mac Jones.

“I don’t think the Atlanta Falcons [were going to select him]. ... I feel like the Falcons would be all-in on Justin Fields, who’s a local kid, Trey Lance, who has great athleticism, throws a beautiful deep ball—if they even go quarterback.

“The Bengals aren’t drafting a quarterback at five. The Eagles aren’t going to at six. The Niners had other options. My hope and prayer, as someone who’s still a little bit of a 49ers fan, is that [this] is a move for Justin Fields. And I would say that even as an unbiased evaluator.”

2021 NFL Draft: Why Mel Kiper ranks Justin Fields ahead of Zach Wilson

“Lance is a huge wild card in this draft. But the more you watch his 2019 tape, the more there is to like about him,” Kiper writes of Lance. “ ... The other thing to note: Lance was born in 2000 — he’s going to be 20 when he gets drafted in April. He’s not a finished product by any means.”

“Wilson has a stellar arm and can climb the pocket to find the open receiver. He was too inconsistent in 2019, bordering on reckless, but he was the opposite last season,” Kiper writes of Wilson. “Wilson shows anticipation on throws. He’s the complete package.”

Justin Fields Is the Only Correct Choice for San Francisco 49ers at No. 3

Fields fits the mold as a legitimate athletic standout under center. His combination of escapability from the pocket, lower-body strength, toughness and raw speed makes him difficult to handle as a runner. In fact, Pro Football Focus stamped Fields with the highest rushing grade of any non-running back in this year’s draft class. He runs through contact and creates in space. These traits accentuate who Fields is as a passer.

As stated earlier, the ball explodes out of the Fields’ hand. He can easily drive the rock to all levels of the field, though there’s a slight hitch in his throwing motion. The former 5-star recruit consistently and efficiently operates the system. He delivers the ball with good placement to allow his receivers to create after the catch.

George Kittle weighs in on the 49ers trade to move up in draft: ‘I want Jimmy Garoppolo to be my QB’

Could San Francisco seriously kick a quarterback that has won 22 of his 31 starts for the team in his career to the curb? If superstar tight end George Kittle ran the franchise, Garoppolo would still be the quarterback.

“I trust Kyle (head coach Kyle Shanahan) and John (general manager John Lynch) … they’re trying to do whatever they can to make the team better,” Kittle said to Kyle Brandt on the 10 Questions With Kyle Brandt podcast this week. “I get it, it’s a competitive sport, we’re competing for jobs every single day.

“I want Jimmy G to be my QB. … Whatever they do, I can’t wait to see what the team looks like in a couple weeks.”

What 49ers trading Jimmy G to Pats or Bears could look like

If the 49ers were to get a similar price for Garoppolo with the Patriots, one scenario would be for them to acquire defensive end Chase Winovich, who was chosen with a third-round pick in 2019, and a third-round draft pick (No. 96 overall).

From the Bears, a deal for Garoppolo could net them 2019 third-rounder David Montgomery, a pass-catching running back who fits Shanahan’s scheme, and the No. 83 overall pick.