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William Hill Sportsbook projects 10 wins for the 49ers

Take that, haters

While naysayers may have dismissed the idea that the 49ers still have a good team, you can count the William Hill Sportsbook among the Faithful. Despite an uncertain future at quarterback and a roster full of players that battled injury issues last year, they’ve set San Francisco’s win total at 10 games for the 2021 season.

Those ten games are tied for the second-highest total in the division behind only the Rams:


NFC West Team Win Total
NFC West Team Win Total
Rams 10.5
49ers 10
Seahawks 10
Cardinals 8

Not only are the 49ers projected to win double-digit games, but they’re also projected to win the same number of games as the Seattle Seahawks - and that’s without knowing who the quarterback will be this year. While I fully acknowledge that part of this bet is the sportsbook knowing the 49ers have a large fanbase that will wager on their team no matter what, that’s still a very high number for a team coming off a 6-10 season.

In fact, there are only six teams that have a higher projected win total in the entire NFL, and all of them made the playoffs last year. Again, according to William Hill, only the Chiefs, Buccaneers, Ravens, Packers, Bills, and Rams are better than the 49ers.

Admittedly, projected win totals in April don’t guarantee anything, but the people who have made their fortunes projecting future performance see a good season ahead for San Francisco, and that can’t be a bad thing.

For more on what these win totals show us, listen to today’s Niners Nation Radio podcast with Michelle Magdziuk and me. Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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