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Trey Lance is the draft’s riskiest QB

Alex Rollins and Kurt Warner break down another potential 49ers QB prospect

Alex Rollins is back with another video. This time, he has a special guest and former NFL quarterback with him to break down North Dakota State’s Trey Lance. The former Bison QB is an option for the San Francisco 49ers at No. 3 overall.

Personally, I think we’re ruling Lance out prematurely. I also don’t believe we’re talking enough about how talented he already is and how much better Lance will be once he plays.

This week Kurt Warner joined the show to explain why Trey Lance is 5th on his board. Lance struggles with accuracy, mental processing, footwork, and technique. Kurt and I take a deep dive into what Lance is reading on plays and why he has rare abilities but simultaneously has many flaws. For example: Lance’s eyes are often disconnected from his feet, which leads to him speeding up his process and airmailing the ball. He has the arm strength, arm talent, and mobility of a superstar, but he needs to master the little techniques that good quarterbacks have learned.