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Golden Nuggets: Shanahan, Lynch, and Scangarello will be at Trey Lance’s pro day

You daily San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, April 19, 2021

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers

It’s Trey Lance week, as the former North Dakota State gunslinger will have his pro day on Monday. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler had a thread on Twitter that the 49ers would be hands on at Lance’s pro day:

Yates: Holding onto Jimmy Garoppolo this season makes sense for 49ers

“Think about the suitors they would have had available at that time,” Yates said. “Chicago, Washington, New England, all those teams that, at the time, not only did not have a new quarterback plan in place but had more roster flexibility in terms of cap space.”

“I’m not sure that Jimmy Garoppolo is anywhere other than a Forty-Niner at the start of this season,” Yates added, “because you’re right, in the sense that the minute they draft a Mac Jones, maybe Jimmy G’s value depreciates. But it could go right back up if he plays how they expect him to play.

“If they expect him to play pretty well this year, well enough that they could make a playoff run again, a year from now, they could have value in a Jimmy Garoppolo trade and an obvious transition plan to whoever they take at pick three.”

Lombardi confident 49ers aren’t drafting Justin Fields at No. 3

“Can I tell you the news that I’ve heard? Justin Fields is not going to go No. 3. That’s what I’ve heard.”

“Where are you getting your information?” a snarky Lombardi asked. “Like, you’ve got better sources than me? Good luck. Good luck. I’m just telling you, if it’s not Mac Jones, it’s Trey Lance. So, take that [how] you want, Patrick. Please do with it what you will.”

NFL draft: 8 trade ideas for 49ers

While San Francisco holds nine picks in this year’s draft, only two are slated for the top 100. They could easily gather another top 100 pick without unloading too much capital. Using some of their later-round picks as sweeteners to facilitate a move up in Round 3 would be a prudent use of resources to help scoop more quality prospects.


Browns get: Nos. 102, 155 and 180

49ers get: No. 91

49ers sending Shanahan, Lynch, and Scangarello to Trey Lance’s pro day

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, general manager John Lynch, and quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello were in attendance for Justin Fields’ pro day in Columbus, Ohio, last week. The same trio will represent the team on Monday at former North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance’s second pro day workout in Fargo, per NBC Sports Bay Area.

Fowler: 49ers have an ‘open mind’ entering draft, pleased with Justin Fields’ decision-making

“[T]he 49ers are taking this with an open mind, a broad approach,” Fowler said. “They’re still looking at all those quarterbacks. So, with no Combine this year, lack of game film, these pro days take on a heightened importance. So, they want to see Lance in play-action, moving around, mobility, tailoring things toward what maybe the 49ers would do on offense.

“There’s been a lot made about Fields and his decision-making, how he reads the field from the pocket,” Fowler said. “But I’ve talked to sources who said both the 49ers and other teams in the top 10 have been pleased with his productive Zoom meetings with those teams, discussing how he makes decisions from the pocket, how he prepares for games, all those things. They’ve been happy with that.

“So, if the 49ers don’t go Fields, it’s not because they don’t like him. It’s just because maybe they love somebody else.”