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Golden Nuggets: Three of Dan Patrick’s sources told him the 49ers are taking Mac Jones

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Friday, April 2, 2021

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2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Photo by Senior Bowl/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

It feels like everyone with a microphone or a source believes the 49ers are taking Mac Jones No. 3 overall. Based on how off the media has been all along, I’d imagine the pick isn’t Jones.

Here’s what 3 sources told Dan Patrick about the 49ers and the No. 3 draft pick

“Was told personnel department is still hoping to change his mind to Trey Lance. I get that Mac fits what he does, but man, I would want a lot more with that third pick.”

That makes it sound like the 49ers have not decided which quarterback to take with that top-three pick. While Shanahan may have entered this week preferring Jones, the quarterback’s outing during Alabama’s pro day and some convincing from team personnel could still sway the coach toward Fields or Lance. And there are still 28 days until a decision must be made.

Patrick quoted two other sources who also offered hints into the thinking inside the 49ers’ headquarters.

“Two teams who need quarterbacks both said they believe Mac Jones to the Niners is a done deal,” Patrick said while quoting a different source.

49ers Monitored Deshaun Watson

The fact that the club was looking at players like Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton even after they had initiated talks to make a move up the draft board underscores the fact that the team is not comfortable with Garoppolo on a long-term basis and was considering trading him and replacing him with a different veteran that could have served as a bridge to a younger passer. Of course, a trade for Watson would have obviated the need for a rookie signal-caller, but even if Watson weren’t facing legal issues, there would have been stiff competition for his services, if the Texans had chosen to move him at all. While a player like Trey Lance, Justin Fields, or Mac Jones are hardly the sure thing that Watson is, we know that Shanahan prides himself on his ability to get the most out of his quarterbacks.

49ers GM John Lynch says Jason Verrett’s work ethic enabled comeback

“J.V. has a remarkable work ethic which allowed him to persevere over the past two years as he reestablished himself as a top-tier cornerback,” 49ers general manager John Lynch said in a statement.

“His determination is extraordinary, and we appreciate how he leads by example in the way that he approaches the game. We’re ecstatic to reward him for all of his hard work and can’t wait to have him back in the red and gold.”

George Kittle’s wife wasn’t thrilled with his pre-wedding Joker tattoo

“I’m getting married on a Wednesday. I decide that I want this tattoo on the Friday before my wedding. And I get it scheduled through my tattoo artist,” Kittle said. “And I was like, ‘Hey, I’d really like to get this. I’m gonna be gone for awhile after this, but could you squeeze me in at all?’”

“I’m pretty sure this is a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday afternoon. So I gave her like a 48-hour heads-up. And I go home after that night to my fiance Claire, and I’m like, ‘Hey, what are your thoughts on this?’” Kittle recalled, noting he showed Claire a series of screenshots from the 2008 film, which also starred Christian Bale as Batman.

“She did not really give me her blessing on it, but she said, ‘Just go, because it’s something that you really want to do,’” Kittle said.

“I spent eight hours in a tattoo chair the day before my wedding.”.

Lombardi: Will 49ers fall into trap of wishful thinking, or do they have a plan?

Could the 49ers draft Trey Lance from North Dakota State? Lance has the size, speed, arm strength and movement to fit into the offense perfectly. He has played only 19 games in his college career, which means he would require a year to learn the offense and develop his skills within the system. What makes me hesitant about thinking the 49ers will select Lance is that neither Kyle Shahanan nor general manager John Lynch went to his pro day — the only day to watch him work. I’m sure they FaceTimed with him, learning more about his knowledge of the North Dakota State offense, yet if they were willing to trade all those assets to move up, why didn’t they attend the pro day? Shanahan himself even acknowledges, “Now that you’re up at 3, you don’t have to hide as much.”

Has Kyle Shanahan changed his QB approach? A 49ers draft-edition mailbag

“They always asked me to keep them posted on what was going on with the (free-agent) visits and how free agency was going,” Williams said on Zoom on Tuesday. “Ultimately, they wanted me to make a decision that was best for me. But deep down inside, they wanted me to come back to the Niners and just do it one more year with them.”