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Golden Nuggets: Aldon Smith is facing more legal trouble

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Justin Fields is now the favorite to go No. 3 overall, despite Trey Lance’s pro day. I saw some people say that it’s based on public perception, but that isn’t true. Vegas only moves the line when big bets and money are flowing in. The $10-$100 bets the general public made aren’t moving lines.

Aldon Smith wanted in Louisiana for second-degree battery, days after signing with Seahawks

Newly signed Seattle Seahawks defensive end Aldon Smith is facing legal trouble once again.

Smith is wanted by St. Bernard Parish authorities in Louisiana for an alleged incident at French Press Coffee House in Chalmette on April 17th, a mere two days after he officially signed with the Seahawks. A police bulletin says Smith is facing a charge of second-degree battery, and NBC New Orleans anchor Travers Mackel reports that the scene was captured on surveillance video.

It is well documented at this point that Smith’s career was shelved for nearly five years as a result of several arrests and violations of the league’s substance abuse and personal conduct policies. He has multiple DUIs, a hit-and-run collision (while under the influence) that saw him released by the San Francisco 49ers in 2015. After the league suspended him for two seasons, Smith was cut by the Oakland Raiders following an arrest for domestic violence.

49ers’ Nick Bosa makes steamy TikTok ‘debut’ with Jenna Berman

In a new video shared by Berman, she can be seen dancing in a bright pink bikini on a shirtless Bosa. At one point, the NFL star dips his new girlfriend with a smitten smile.

In a separate clip posted to Berman’s TikTok account, she appears to be behind the camera while capturing Bosa using a portable massage gun. The tool, which is typically used by athletes to aid in recovery, eventually made its way to Bosa’s unmentionables as he’s seen laughing and talking to Berman.

The videos marked Bosa’s TikTok “debut,” according to the caption. It also marked his debut on Berman’s popular channel, which has 1.1 million followers. Her videos are mostly made up of her dancing around her South Florida apartment.

Alex Smith’s inspiring NFL journey was remarkable to watch unfold

Smith came to the 49ers as the top pick in the draft. He looked so young. He was so young, just 20 years old.

It was a struggle from the beginning. And he was forced to grow up in a hurry.

His first season consisted of seven starts, 11 interceptions and one touchdown pass, which came in the final game of the season. Things got only moderately better from there.

He had little chance to succeed in those first seven seasons with the 49ers. Smith had an abysmal supporting cast on offense. And he got even less support from head coaches Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary.

The question was often asked about how the 49ers’ fortunes would have been different if Aaron Rodgers had been chosen No. 1 overall.

Trey Lance, Justin Fields and the 49ers’ big QB workaround: Kawakami

By making this move a full month before the draft, the 49ers had the time to request and be on hand for second pro days by Fields (last week) and Lance. It’s true, every team could’ve sent representatives to either workout; but just as a practical endeavor, who would fly out to North Dakota less than two weeks before the draft unless you had a real shot at and real interest in drafting Lance?

And hmm, Beck also is working with Fields and has worked with BYU’s Zach Wilson, who is presumably going No. 2 to the Jets. If there’s a surprise and the Jets pass on him, well, I don’t think the 49ers will be lacking information on Wilson.

Galina: What is the Shanahan offense, and which 2021 NFL Draft QB prospect fits it?

The walls are really closing in. The Shanahan offense is not inherently devoid of targets to all areas of the field, but it has had to adapt to the mediocre quarterbacks who have been plopped into the driver’s seat. The team’s quarterbacks have thrown outside the numbers or deep less and less often as Shanahan’s tenure in San Francisco has gone on.

Ah, yes. Deep passes. Throws all over the field. The good life.

Is the offense that we’ve so comfortably said is a perfect fit for Mac Jones even the Shanahan offense at all? It’s easy to slot Jones into this offense because he looks and feels like Shanahan’s recent quarterbacks, but wouldn’t the ideal signal-caller be able to expand the offense?

This isn’t to say Jones can’t be a good quarterback in the NFL, but we know Lance and Fields would give Shanahan the ability to expand the offense. Those two undoubtedly have stronger arms than Jones, allowing the offense to throw deeper and wider. They also possess the ground ability to add quarterback-designed runs to the offense.