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Golden Nuggets: Reed said if he didn’t have any concussion symptoms, he would have kept playing

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

I included an article below from a former NFL scout who gave his opinion about Trey Lance. Who knows if any of these QBs will bust, but the scouts process is so, so, far off. The reason I added the link was because you can’t trust someone just because they have a specific title.

Trey Lance’s two pro days mean nothing | Former NFL scout says he is a bust waiting to happen - Some former hack of a scout

After extensively studying him on game film, all he looks like is a broke man’s version of Donovan McNabb. He is not Michael Vick in the open field cutting up highlight reels and he is not RGIII who could cover up for his inability to read defenses with his blazing speed and insane athleticism which forced defenses to adjust to him. Lance is someone with very average looking playing speed and someone who is not remotely elusive who was running the ball against what amounts to glorified high school competition – and he was barely able to outrun those guys.

Lance is also someone with average arm strength. He is not riffling it across the middle like Aaron Rodgers. There is absolutely not one thing that looks special or elite about him on the game film. Not one. There is not one thing that “excited” me when I watched him play. When I first evaluated him back in September of last season, I gave him a 5-6 round grade and said he looked like someone maybe you put on your practice squad who can run the scout team during practice.

Jordan Reed retiring from NFL due to issues from concussions - Keim, ESPN

“I was pretty sure I was going to keep playing; I was feeling good about where I was at,” Reed told ESPN. “But then I had some lingering effects and sought out professional help to get diagnosed. They told me it was not a good idea to keep playing. I agreed with them.”

“Before when I had a concussion I would feel better afterwards and I wouldn’t have lingering effects,” Reed said. “If I didn’t have any symptoms I would have kept playing,” he said. “I’m OK with it because I know the reason why I’m making the choice is for family and my children, so I can be there for them. It’s just time.”

Reed said he’s getting involved in the cannabis industry after relying on marijuana to help with his injuries. He said he already owns some assets in the industry, but is seeking partners.

“I always knew the dangers of opioids,” Reed said. “I chose to lean on cannabis for a lot of that pain.”

The 49ers Aren’t Drafting Mac Jones - Webzone

The Timing of the Trade

It seems more than coincidental that the 49ers made the trade for the third overall pick on March 26th. Both Mac Jones and Justin Fields had pro days scheduled for March 30th, but it was Jones’ second pro day and Fields’ first. It stands to reason that, if the 49ers wanted to make the move up to three for Justin Fields, it would be prudent to do so before his pro day, especially if they expected him to have the type of impressive showing that he had. Making the trade before his pro day likely cost them less in draft capital than it would have afterward. On the other hand, Jones had completed his first pro day on March 23rd, and while he looked good, there wasn’t anything special about his performance.

Now, this is all conjecture, but again, this is about trying to connect as many dots and interpret as many clues as possible to try and figure out what the 49ers’ plan is.

49ers QB rumors: Here’s what’s missing from silly ‘work ethic’ stories about Justin Fields - Shultz

But while it’s one thing to correct the record about false rumors, which I’m glad Fields’ college coaches have done, it’s another thing for the sports media to quadruple down on — and play into — the inflated importance of “work ethic.” Which is where we are today, a conversation renewed probably for the rest of the month.

So, so much oxygen has been expended lately defending Fields’s hard-working mentality. Lawrence, too, is now defending his own professed obsession with football.

Here’s a take for you: I don’t care whether Fields or Lawrence or anyone else has the sort of obsessive “work ethic” their supporters are pointing to as a positive. If I were a general manager, I would want to know if the person I’m going to draft is respected by his teammates and shows up to the things he’s supposed to show up for and displays the skills I’m looking for on the game tape. That’s more than enough.

2021 NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Justin Fields Picked No. 3 By the 49ers, Two Tackles in the Top Five - SI

3. San Francisco 49ers (from Texans via Dolphins): Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State

The last time QBs went 1-2-3 in the NFL draft was in 1999, with Tim Couch to the Browns, Donovan McNabb to the Eagles and Akili Smith to the Bengals. The 49ers’ trade up to No. 3 assured this will again happen this draft—but what’s less clear is which QB they’ll choose. Shanahan likes to keep things close to the vest, so there have not been a lot of legitimate tea leaves to read. But you only make that big of a jump if you are going after a truly special player, and the 22-year-old Fields in Shanahan’s bootleg/play-action scheme is a tantalizing pairing.