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“I’ve also been told, again, as recently as 48 hours ago, that no final decision has been made”

ESPN’s Dan Graziano was on Get Up! Wednesday morning and said the signs are pointing to Trey Lance at No. 3.

2020 NCAA Division I Football Championship Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

ESPN’s Dan Graziano was on Get Up! Wednesday morning and discussed the same thing discussed on every talk show every morning: what San Francisco will do at No. 3.

The guessing games will continue until we have something concrete about who the Niners will select. Until then, the flip-flopping between Mac Jones, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance will continue.

Graziano’s message was clear: no decision has been made inside the 49ers’ building:

It may be that Mac Jones is the guy they had in mind when they made the trade, and certainly what you hear when you talk to people close to this situation, around this situation, is Mac Jones, Mac Jones, Mac Jones.

But, I’ve also been told, again, as recently as 48 hours ago, that no final decision has been made. There’s a lot that points — I know everybody likes Justin Fields, and I do too — there’s a lot that points to Trey Lance as a guy that could be the 49ers’ pick, that fits more of what they do in terms of his experience under center, and play-action, and all that kind of stuff you like to see in a Kyle Shanahan offense.

The generic statements like “it may be Mac Jones” don’t hold weight when you follow it up with statements saying no decision has been made.

I agree with the sentiment that signs are pointing to Lance. When your head coach asks a quarterback to throw with a QB tutor that he handpicks — right after your trade up to No. 3 — those signs are tough to ignore.

To me, Lance is ready to play right away. John Beck could tell Kyle Shanahan that Lance has made enough strides during their time together to be the selection. Then again, the 49ers’ brass could be scared off by an inexperienced QB who has 319 attempts at the collegiate level, only 113 passes in high school, and only attempted 25 attempts in a game just twice.

Graziano went back to December when Josh Allen single-handedly obliterated the Niners defense on Monday night football:

“I go back to December when Josh Allen and the Bills beat Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers, and Kyle said all kinds of great stuff before and after that game about what a quarterback like that, with that kind of athletic ability, offers an offense, and I keep thinking about Trey Lance when I think about those comments.”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in these 49ers draft meetings. I’m fascinated by the potential discussions going on. The draft is eight days away. Do we really believe the team still hasn’t made a decision despite making the trade up to No. 3 nearly a month ago? I have a hard time believing that.