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Niners Nation Radio: Why Mac Jones wouldn’t be such a bad pick

Deep breaths, people

Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Contrary to popular internet wisdom, we do read the comments. Many of you have complained that we are too pro-Justin Fields on this website and don’t praise Mac Jones for anything he’s done. Well, today’s your day. On today’s Niners Nation Radio podcast, Michelle Magdziuk not only says the team will be fine with Mac Jones, but also says he’s a better option than Trey Lance.

“I am a little confused why people would rather have Trey Lance. I get the Justin Fields thing, but if we’re looking at percentage of accurate throws 10+ yards down the field, since 2018 these are the ranks: number one is Joe Burrow at 57%, number two is Justin Fields at 56%, but Mac Jones is right there at 56% as well. So he’s number three. Then you go down the list and Trey Lance is at 154 at 36% accurate...Every time Trey Lance threw the ball it was to a wide open receiver and he wasn’t even accurate with those wide open wide receivers.”

The biggest issue 49ers fans have with taking Jones over those other guys is the fact that he isn’t as mobile as they are, which is clearly true. However, that doesn’t necessarily make him immobile. Despite the dad-bod, Jones did run a 4.79 40 yard dash at his pro-day workout. Patrick Mahomes ran a 4.80 40 yard dash at the Combine, and he has no issues picking up yards with his legs. Are we sure that Mac Jones won’t be able to take off when things break down?

Check out Michelle’s full argument for why Mac wouldn’t be the disaster that many Faithful think he’ll be in today’s Niners Nation Radio Podcast. Get it wherever you get your podcasts, and please drop us a rating and a review as well.

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