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Golden Nuggets: It’s officially draft week

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, April 25, 2021

Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Mac Jones rumors aren’t slowing down. Many 49ers fans are up in arms about the prospects of Jones being the next signal-caller for San Francisco. It’s going to be difficult to block out all of the noise this week.

I still don’t believe it’s Jones, but I understand how difficult it may be to ignore the talking heads who are telling us and have been that it’s Mac.

Mac Jones to the 49ers makes less sense than you think

John Beck runs a camp in the offseason for QBs, and he and Kyle are close from their time together in Washington in 2011. Beck has already worked with Zach Wilson and Justin Fields, and Shanahan requested for Lance to work with Beck. The only QB being linked to the 49ers who didn’t was Mac Jones. With the ability to meet with players still limited due to COVID restrictions, if Shanahan really was looking into Jones heavily, I’d imagine he’d want John Beck to work with him. Beck can provide Shanahan valuable information that most teams aren’t going to get who don’t have connections with him. And Beck also knows what Shanahan is looking for in order to help these QBs prepare for what would be asked of them in Shanahan’s offense. I have a hard time believing Shanahan wouldn’t want Mac Jones to have that same experience with Beck if he truly was willing to take him at 3. Especially when Shanahan requested for Lance to meet with him personally.

David Liechty’s Final 49ers Mock Draft: Lance or Fields?

49ers trade Jimmy G to NEW ENGLAND for Patriots’ 2021 2nd Round pick (#46) and 2022 3rd Round Pick that could become conditional 2nd Round pick

There is smoke that the 49ers are going to keep Jimmy Garoppolo as the starter, as he “grooms” the rookie draft pick. Jimmy isn’t grooming anyone, and the 49ers are going to be content to start Fields from Week One. Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract has an almost completely free escape clause with little dead money given a trade or cut before June 1. Regardless of how anyone views Jimmy, the best ability is availability, and Jimmy can’t seem to stay available. Moving on from Jimmy becomes a math move that enables the 49ers to extend foundational pieces like Fred Warner and to take advantage of a young QB on a cost controlled rookie contract with a fifth year option.

There have been rumors that the 49ers are trying to acquire a first round pick in a suddenly robust market for Jimmy’s services. I think they’ll compromise, but finagle two second round picks out of New England. Jimmy returns to Foxboro, and the 49ers recoup some of the picks lost in the trade up for Fields. On draft day, this could be a different team, but I think Belichick opts for familiarity with Jimmy instead of the crapshoot of the draft.

NFL draft: 8 names to know on defense for 49ers

Basham may be gone well before the 49ers get another chance to pick after No. 3, but he could easily be their target with the 43rd pick if he slides. He’s listed at 6-4, 280 pounds and posted 19.5 sacks over his final three college seasons. At his size he could conceivably offer some value by kicking inside as well, but right away he could slot in as an effective outside pass rusher.

‘Might have been Trey Lance all along’: Rich Eisen on 49ers’ NFL Draft quarterback decision

“I’m hearing it’s Trey Lance. That’s what I’m hearing now. I’m hearing the kid is supremely talented, physically, and neck-up, smart. And also, (he) really wants to learn. Already talking to people, knocking on doors, (asking), ‘What can I learn now?’ That’s what I’m hearing. I’m hearing he’s proactively searching out the individuals that evaluate to find out what’s up.”

And then he gave the money quote! “I’m hearing it might have been Trey Lance all along,” Eisen added. “How about that?”

Kurt Warner dives into 49ers draft mindset, states his preference for pick three

“I don’t know if they’re looking at it more like ‘Hey, Jimmy hasn’t stayed healthy and we need to find another guy to place in here with all our pieces,’ and I could definitely see Mac Jones go there,” Warner said. “But I could definitely buy into those other two guys.”

“When you start to play good teams week after week in the playoffs, you better be able to make the layups,” Warner said. “You better be able to see the field, process, get the ball out, and win on time, and not expect to be able to win with athleticism... We know (Mahomes is) physically gifted and he does crazy things with his arm. But I’ve made the argument for two years — what makes him special is what he does with his mind. His creativity to see things and play on schedule and then do the extra is what’s made him so unique.”