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“The biggest thing with Jimmy is his injuries”

Kyle Shanahan didn’t give us much info, but he gave us enough about what the future could look like at QB for the 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On the one hand, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t say much at all during his pre-draft press conference. On the other hand, Kyle was over the top with a few answers.

What did we learn? Well, Mike McGlinchey will be around for at least another two seasons. Shanahan is a big proponent of Five Guys. Kyle admitted to logging onto social media after games. Him having a burner Twitter account would be hilarious. Lastly, The door for Jimmy Garoppolo is all but shut.

Shanahan went out of his way to use the term “starting quarterback” during his presser. He had to have said those two words together a dozen times. When asked about Jimmy Garoppolo and the chances of him being on the roster next Sunday, Shanahan had a hilarious quote:

Later on in the press conference, Shanahan softened his tone a bit:

“The biggest thing with Jimmy is his injuries. It’s been very tough for us when he’s been hurt. This happened two of these three years. That’s where it starts. Jimmy knows that. I’ve been very up front with him with everything.

We’ve been Zooming these last two weeks. Excited to get him in here coming up, especially when this draft is over. But I feel very fortunate taking a rookie quarterback that we do have a guy like Jimmy.

We didn’t sign a guy who’s capable of or has the history of being a starter right away. We have a guy, every time he’s been a starter, he’s played at a high level. So to have that with Jimmy with having a rookie quarterback gives us a lot of leeway into this. I’m not going to set anything into stone, but I know that’s the situation that would be hard to get rid of.

When you take a rookie quarterback and you have a veteran like Jimmy who we know can win with, just to move on from that is something that’s not easy to do. That is a good situation for us and I think that is something that’ll be important to us this year.”

Kyle previously sounded like he was ready to clean out Garoppolo’s locker before these comments. He came off as frustrated and it seemed as if their relationship was beyond repair.

This last answer was more of a mildly toned Shanahan who remembered that you still have to maximize Jimmy’s trade value. There wasn’t a lot to take away from the press conference that we didn’t already know.

The pick will be kept under wraps until Thursday. Shanahan continues to push that the 49ers like five quarterbacks and considered each of them at No. 3 overall. But despite him walking back his previous answer above, it appears that Garoppolo will be gone sooner than later.

Here is an instant reaction podcast from myself and Rob Guerrera from Monday’s presser: