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A lot of final mocks have Trey Lance going to the 49ers

Butler v North Dakota State Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

As analysts release their final mock drafts, we’ve seen a slight shift. On Wednesday morning, Adam Schefter said on ESPN’s Get Up that “the gap between Mac Jones and the other QBs like Trey Lance has been narrowed considerably.” Schefter added that Lance is considered to be the smartest QB in the NFL Draft and is ready to start a lot sooner than people think.

It’s almost as if we’ve spoken about how Lance is the most pro-ready QB, and the narrative that he needs to sit is a silly one that’s been repeated thanks to groupthink.

The Mac Jones hype train took off when Kyle Shanahan’s buddy Chris Simms said he likes Mac. Today, Simms finally admitted that he doesn’t really know:

Back to the mock drafts, where Lance is gaining more and more traction to the Niners. Earlier this week, Rich Eisen said he hears it’s Lance to the 49ers.

Ben Allbright, who had the Bridgewater trade in advance, released his annual mock draft and has Lance going No. 3 overall. For what it’s worth, Allbright also had Jones going No. 20 overall to the Bears. If the Broncos weren’t in on Jones...

ESPN’s Nick Wagoner still believes it’s Mac Jones. He’s one of the few remaining on the Jones train.

NFL Network’s Charles Davis has Lance to the Niners. That seems to be the overwhelming theme over the past couple of days. Do you think it’s Lance? Or Jones? Or Fields?