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The Shanaplan Podcast: Kyle Shanahan has a chance to re-write his legacy

What are the 49ers going to do at No. 3?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In today’s episode, Kyle Posey and I start by discussing Monday’s 49ers’ press conference that featured a very different aura from John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan.

We discuss our biggest takeaways from the press conference and, if anything from it can help us determine who the 49ers will be taking at No. 3 on Thursday.

Shanahan has a chance to change the narrative:

Kyle Shanahan has a chance to re-write the narrative about what people think about him. I think he’s going to take full advantage of that. I think, for many, many reasons, it’s not Mac Jones. Whether that’s the people, he’s going up against, his traits, his skillset.

Then you ask, what does he do? What does he do that Trey Lance or Justin Fields can’t do? You can’t answer that question. We also have to talk about projections. What you get with Mac Jones now is what he’s going to be five years from now.

Compare that to what Justin Fields and Trey Lance is now, and that’s not even close to what you’re going to get five years from now. I would confidently say that their floors are probably his ceiling.

Kyle and I also take live questions from 49ers’ fans, as it was the podcast that was streamed simultaneously. We gave our thoughts on Jimmy Garoppolo’s future with the 49ers, on San Francisco picking up Mike McGlinchey’s fifth-year option, on potential second-round options, and on possible late first-round options for the 49ers if they trade back on Thursday.

Give the full episode a listen below!

We both also gave our predictions for who we believe will be the No. 3 pick on Thursday for the 49ers at the end of the podcast episode.