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The 49ers reached out to the Packers on Wednesday to trade for Aaron Rodgers

“You miss 100% of the shots you dont’ take.” -Wayne Gretzky — Kyle Shanahan

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We’re at the part of the pre-draft process where any and everything is getting leaked. The latest rumors tied to the 49ers were that they reached out to Green Bay about trading for Aaron Rodgers:

I can only imagine how this conversation went. The 49ers inquired about Rodgers, were quickly told no, and then hung up the phone.

This is pretty ridiculous. Are you telling me the 49ers traded all of that draft capital and then called Green Bay for another quarterback? Come on, now.

This is another example of San Francisco covering its tail. During the press conference on Monday, John Lynch told us the team traveled all over the country and watched every player imaginable.

The Niners have been connected to every quarterback known to man this offseason. Rodgers is just the latest. To me, this leak is the team telling us once again that whoever they take at No. 3 was the best option for them.

It also makes you wonder even more about Mac Jones. From Rodgers to Deshaun Watson to trading multiple first-round picks. And somehow, you’re going to settle on Jones? Doubtful.