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Golden Nuggets: Joe Staley shares his thoughts on the 49ers QB situation

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, April 3, 2021

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San Francisco 49ers return to San Jose Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/The Mercury News via Getty Images

Joe Staley had some interesting thoughts on the 49ers QB situation, as you’ll read below. He acknowledged the way the NFL works now, and how you’re better off with a rookie QB contract. Staley added that he believes there are a lot of great QB options out there this year.

Media column: How the Matthew Stafford scoop gone wrong affected an amateur reporter

“If I can share some stuff with the fan base, I feel like I should do that,” Vega said during a Wednesday video call, which he took from his home office in Austin, Texas, which is outfitted with a podcasting microphone and a wall covered with 49ers memorabilia. “But ultimately, I was just really overwhelmed. And then when it went south, I was overwhelmed again. When it didn’t happen, it’s like you killed somebody’s kid or something because the overreaction from it was just ridiculous.”

“The minute Dan Campbell was signed (as head coach of the Lions), Stafford request(ed) a trade,” Vega said. “I had that (information) two weeks prior to it happening. I put that out and then it happened. So the guy who was giving me information had been right.”

Jets ‘committed’ to Zach Wilson and the 49ers are jealous: Steve Young

“The Jets have committed to Zach and recruited the family,” Young said on KNBR Sports Radio’s “Tolbert, Krueger and Brooks” podcast. “I just don’t know how that gets undone, but you know, look, a lot can happen.”

“There’s no question in my mind, if [the 49ers] can figure out how to get Zach, that’s their No. 1 first choice,” Young said. “I just don’t know how they get it done.”

“I think Zach would love it, the family would love, nothing would make anyone happier,” Young said of Wilson landing with the 49ers. “I think the 49ers, that’s their unstated first choice, so that would be wonderful. If it can happen, they would figure it out.”

Joe Staley weighs in on the 49ers’ QB situation

“He took us to the Super Bowl. He was the quarterback when we went to the Super Bowl,” Staley said. “I think one of the things you said was, ‘When he plays.’ I think in any position, if you miss a lot of games, I think the old cliché is, ‘The best ability is availability.’ There’s a double-edged sword to that because if you’re Tom Brady and Dew Brees, I don’t care how often you get hurt, but you’re going to still be the starting quarterback. I think maybe that’s a little bit [of the reason].

“... I think, two, the way contracts are structured these days in the NFL, you’re almost better off having a rookie quarterback on a rookie deal and kind of building a team around him. If you look at the quarterbacks [who have] been in the Super Bowl, Tom Brady’s probably the only one that’s not on a rookie deal that has been there. ... I think Pat [Mahomes] was on his.”

“And I think, just looking from my perspective ... there seems like there’s a lot of great quarterback options out there this year, in this year’s draft. Obviously, they are excited about probably three of them if they’re trading up to three. Maybe they’ve got three guys that they think are hand-picked guys that they could go for the next four or five or six years, be very, very competitive.”

Would Jimmy Garoppolo be Content as the 49ers Backup Quarterback?

Would Garoppolo be content as the 49ers' backup quarterback?

He certainly would have a bad taste in his mouth after being named the backup. The 49ers have been his team since he arrived in San Francisco, so it is definitely going to be another reality check for him.

And with that reality check, he will remember how much money he is being paid and not care about it any longer. Garoppolo will be the highest-paid backup in the league by far. He’ll get to do what he has done for the vast majority of his career — chill on the sideline.

For Garoppolo, being a backup is something he has to be considering at this very moment. Taking a quarterback with the third pick should mean that the rookie is going to start. Even if it gets to the point where it is a competition in training camp, Garoppolo could still end up losing it.

Should the 49ers Package Their Middle Round Picks to Go All-In on the First Round?

The 49ers could trade a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth round pick to get in position to take an additional first-round talent. They would still have two fifths and sevenths (plus anything acquired if they trade a player).

The late first-round pick would grant San Francisco the opportunity to add one more high-end starter to a roster ready to compete for a Super Bowl in 2021.

Potential targets include tackles Teven Jenkins (Oklahoma State) and Jalen Mayfield (Michigan), pass-rushers Gregory Rousseau (Miami) and Carlos Basham Jr. (Wake Forest), defensive backs Trevon Moehrig (TCU) and Asante Samuel Jr. (Florida State), and receivers Rondale Moore (Purdue) and Rashod Bateman (Minnesota).