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Golden Nuggets: History isn’t on the 49ers side when it comes to trading into the top-3

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, April 5, 2021

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Quarterback Breakdown : Trey Lance

It’s no secret Lance is quite raw as a passer. While he flashes arm talent, there are multiple occasions of Lance locking onto his first read and making poor decisions. Lance’s TD:INT ratio is impressive, but he definitely had his fair share of luck with dropped INTs.

There’s also some outright misses from Lance, which I wouldn’t say are an issue, but definitely show up a bit more than you’d hope.

There’s a lot to work with when it comes to Lance’s game, but sitting him behind Jimmy Garoppolo or another bridge wouldn’t hurt. He most likely won’t start week 1, and there’s solid reasoning why.

49ers must ace 2021 NFL Draft after blockbuster trade, Gil Brandt says

“When choosing the signal-caller who will succeed/replace Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco MUST get it right, seeing as how the team doesn’t have a first-round choice in 2022 or ‘23 as a result of the compensation given to the Dolphins in the move up,” Brandt wrote. ”So while this team is still just one season removed from reaching the Super Bowl, and the roster was good enough even before free agency for me to name them as the likeliest group to go from worst to first next season, this draft is shaping up as a monumental one for Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch.”

The Least Risky Pick the 49ers Can Make in Round 1

Zach Wilson’s Negatives

  • Hero ball needs to be dialed back a bit.
  • Ill-advised throws under pressure turned into interceptions in 2019.
  • Went 2-4 against top-25 teams during his career.

Justin Fields’ Negatives

  • Below-average feel for edge pressure, running himself into pressure points.
  • Field vision is average in face of the blitz.
  • Gradual operation time prevents expedited release.

Predicting 49ers offensive line depth chart after adding Alex Mack

It’s already a crowded group despite there being some notable questions about both depth and long-term solutions at a number of positions.

Case in point, both Tomlinson and McGlinchey are entering contract years this season. With McGlinchey, the 49ers have until May 3 to decide whether or not they want to apply the fifth-year option allocated to former first-round NFL Draft picks.

But there aren’t exactly notable position battles, at least not yet, at either one of those two spots.

There are battles at other spots, though, and these storylines will be worth monitoring during training camp.

49ers can reverse trend of bad picks after trades into top 3

Five other teams have made similar moves over the last 10 years, and none of them have been a roaring success. Here are the five trades:

2018, Jets traded up to No. 3 for Sam Darnold

2017, Bears traded up to No. 2 for Mitchell Trubisky

2016, Rams traded up to No. 1 for Jared Goff

2016, Eagles traded up to No. 2 for Carson Wentz

2012, Washington traded up to No. 2 for Robert Griffin III

While it’s an inexact science, history shows us that the player matters less than the situation they’re going to. Talent may matter more later in the draft, and there are intangible mental things that hold players back that team simply can’t account for. However, when picking in the top three, the talent pool is going to be exceptionally deep. There aren’t many “bad” players going in the top three as much as there are bad teams picking good players and setting them up to fail.