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Sign up to take surveys with SB Nation. Why? We’ll pay you.

NFL: JAN 11 NFC Divisional Playoff - Vikings at 49ers Photo by Kiyoshi Mio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Friday! We have some information for you about how to sign up to take surveys. If you do, there is money in it for you.

Take surveys with SB Nation, and we’ll pay you! Sign up here:

Read on for more details.

What is a Research Panel?

A research panel is a group of people who explicitly agree to complete online surveys. Vox Media maintains its own proprietary research panel composed of people who regularly visit one or more of its networks.

How Does Vox Media Use the Research Panel?

Vox Media sends online surveys to panelists and uses the survey data for internal decision-making, sales pitches, marketing collateral, and presentations. Survey answers are confidential and reported only in aggregate and further bound by all GDPR, Federal, and State privacy laws. Panelists are provided information on how to contact Vox Media if they have questions about the panel, and panelists may opt out at any time.

What is the Process for Joining the Research Panel?

Panel sign-up consists of completing an online form that requires:

  • Reading a statement on terms of use and privacy
  • Agreeing to receive email from the Vox Media Panel; and
  • Providing name, email, basic demographics, and the Vox Media networks they visit.

Panelists can signup to complete “surveys on any topic” or “only surveys to help improve Vox Media website, newsletters, etc.” If a fan only wants to help our SB Nation, then we will respect their choice.

Who May Sign-up for the Panel?

US residents 18 years or older may sign-up for the panel. Take a look: Signup here!

How Are Panelists Incentivized to Complete Surveys?

Panelists are paid a minimum of $1 per completed survey; some surveys pay more if the survey runs more than 5 minutes. Panelists receive their incentives via e-gift cards redeemable online at a wide variety of retailers, including Amazon and Target.

How Do Panelists Receive Surveys?

Panelists receive invitations via email when surveys are available for completion. A panelist can expect to receive a minimum of one survey per month. Panelists are not obligated to complete every survey they receive; however, panelists who complete less than half the surveys to which they have invited risk removal from the panel.