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Golden Nuggets: We’ll find out about the 49ers schedule this week

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, May 10, 2021

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There’s a great story on GQ about Deebo Samuel and his mom. Also, you’ll read about Raheem Mostert, how many games the 49ers will have in primetime, Talanoa Hufanga, and why Trey Lance should play early.

Will the 49ers Release Raheem Mostert Before the Season Starts?

Kyle Shanahan has one of the most diverse running attacks in the NFL, and adding a quarterback who can run like Trey Lance should allow Shanahan to diversify his run game even further. In addition, one way to help out a young quarterback is to limit the of amount times he needs to throw by focusing on the running game. To do this, you need to have backs who can handle the pounding.

The two backs that are most likely to be the odd man out in this battle are Mostert and Gallman. Both have one-year contracts that are easy to move on from. Just like with Jimmy Garoppolo, the injury issues are a major concern for Mostert and this could ultimately be why he finds himself on the outside looking in.

How Many Primetime Games Will the 49ers Have in 2021?

I expect the 49ers to have five primetime games. That is the maximum allotted games that a team can have in a season. By having five primetime games, the NFL would be saying that the 49ers are must-watch television. Now you may be thinking that the maximum of five games is nuts. The 49ers finished 6-10, so the league may not see them as competitive.

But that would be a pretty lazy judgement. The 49ers are not truly a losing team. They are a playoff caliber team. Even when they are not doing too hot, they are still a cash cow to the league. People love to watch the 49ers, and with Trey Lance waiting in the wings, everyone is going to want to pay attention to see when he gets his shot.

Draft Wire: Talanoa Hufanga was 49ers’ biggest draft steal

His production in college does stand out though and indicates his game speed is better than his straight-line speed in a workout. Hufanga in three seasons with the Trojans racked up 203 tackles, 16.5 tackles for loss, 6.5 sacks, four interceptions and eight pass breakups. Turn on any USC game during his tenure and chances are he’ll finish the play around the football.

If he does wind up translating that all-around production to the NFL and becomes a starting-caliber safety and Pro Bowl-caliber special teams ace, he’ll easily become not only the 49ers’ biggest steal, but one of the steals of the entire draft.

How Deebo Samuel’s Chosen Mother Saved His Life

And let me make something clear….that’s my mom! That’s my dawg! I could never resent her for the way our lives turned out. She’s special to me. Just like Precious is. What’s funny is those two are cool. They don’t have a problem with each other. I love them both the same. Shit, sometimes, I feel like they both gave birth to me. Precious doesn’t care if I call her “mom” or “stepmom” and neither does Felicia. They both just get along. Of course, I’ve shown Precious a similar level of appreciation that I showed Felicia. I won’t say too much, because that’ll stay between us.

I bought a house for my older brother Tyquan, too. He’s like my role model. He taught me the ins and outs of the streets, school, sports, everything. I still remember how he’d always yell at me wherever we were, “I’m gonna turn you into an animal!” “I’m gonna turn you into a player nobody can stop!” We went out to the front yard of my grandmother’s house one day. I’ll never forget it. I put my pads on, I wasn’t worried about nothing! Until he put his pads on, and he was knocking….my….head off! I’m talking about I was crying, screaming. My grandmother was upset!

Zierlein explains why the 49ers should give Trey Lance playing time in 2021

“When you look at this, to me, OK, big, mobile, has experience under center, is highly intelligent, even as a young player,” Zierlein explained on Friday during a KNBR interview. “Trey Lance is a guy that made perfect sense.”

“You could have two straight years of not playing football,” Zierlein said. “What does that mean to this player’s development? What I think it means is you go into this season attempting to win as many games as you can and compete for a Super Bowl, understanding that Trey Lance is going to be your future.

“But what I also think it means is you’re going to have to create, basically, a scenario in practice, and otherwise, that really focuses on a 1A approach and a 1B approach. And that’s something I don’t think you see very often in most scenarios. You’re going to have to give Trey Lance more reps in practice and more 1A — reps with the ones, potentially — because you do really do have to try to create some growth, even if he doesn’t play a lot.”

FMIA: Day Of The Dolphin—How Miami Fearlessly Trades Draft Picks To Set Up Success, Now And Later

San Francisco 49ers. The best thing happened. The Niners didn’t trade Jimmy Garoppolo, and the Niners got their quarterback of the future. This is actually a good thing for Garoppolo—because he’ll have the chance to show the team made a huge mistake by drafting his successor by being the clear choice to start the season with a fortified team. If he plays great, Garoppolo gets to either continue to play great in San Francisco or be able to continue his career in a good spot in 2022.