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A Joe Montana Docuseries in the works at Peacock

Peacock announced the development of a documentary about one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time

Syndication: Cincinnati Darr Beise/USA Today, USA TODAY via Imagn Content Services, LLC

NFL Films is producing a new docuseries at the network Peacock that will feature interviews with celebrities, former teammates, coaches, and mentees of former 49ers star and Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.

The multipart series features Montana’s first-hand account of his career from his earliest days as a high school All-American to National Champion at Notre Dame and ultimately becoming a four-time Super Bowl winner and NFL Hall of Fame inductee.

Montana will participate in the series that’ll chronicle his career dating all the way back to his days as a multi-sport athlete at Ringgold High School, where Montana was offered a scholarship to play basketball at North Carolina State.

NFL Films will produce the series, though there hasn’t been a date announced for Joe Cool yet. When they do, you’ll be the first to know.

This may not be as good as “The Last Dance,” which featured Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan, but Montana is one of the most popular players in NFL History. This should give new insight on “the Comeback Kid” and hopefully gives us some details that we never knew before.